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Good luck!! Im sure u did great :)


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Thank you for believing! Still havent check the results. Im waiting for my dad. Ill let you know what will happeb. Thank you!

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I have to say, rainbowl, that your feeling of failing the exam is perfectly normal and expected. The NCLEX will find your limits and at some point during testing you'll reach a point where you get one right, one wrong, one right, and so on. That the computer shut off at 75 means just that you either did well enough to pass or poor enough to clearly fail. Do not fear your result. It is what it is.

If you want to wait for your dad, that's OK and your prerogative. I wish you all the best!

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I failed
...this time. Don't give up! In a few weeks you'll get a report in the mail that will show you where your strengths and weaknesses are. Use that as a guide to study for the next time. The NCLEX found your limits for that day at that time.


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You may have been unsuccessful this time. You DID NOT fail. To fail is to never try. Take a bow for at least having the courage to try. I commend you on a great effort.

We fall down, and we get up. You're intelligent, knowledgeable, determined, tenacious, and faithful. Go show the world what you're made of very soon to be RN. Remember, your prayer delayed is NOT your prayer denied. It's ALL yours just for asking and believing. I'm still standing in agreement with you.

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oh, I'm so sorry! But there will be a next time. Find out what went wrong, then do the opposite! Next time... :)

I failed

I am so sorry! But be strong and don't give up. I would look where the problem is - either the base knowledge or the strategy that you use when answering the question.

Let your mind rest a little bit and start over again. You can do it, you went through nursing school (which is not easy!) and you will go through this exam! I believe in you! Good luck!


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I m really sorry.. when you got you report , you need to see what is your weakness and ser if there is pattern for 3 times you had taken the test and then work on that.


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Sorry to know. Keep ur heads up and take the exam again. I know u can do it :)