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  1. Jae6


    Good luck!!! We can do this
  2. Jae6

    Failed NCLEX for the 2nd time

    I was going to suggest the same.. lippincott alternate format book. I just recently finished it and its great. Good luck!
  3. Jae6

    Just took my NCLEX-RN exam today.

  4. Jae6

    Just took my NCLEX-RN exam today.

    Good luck!
  5. Jae6


    Thank you ! I am sending you a pm
  6. Jae6


    Hello AN!! I just wanted to vent about my nclex journey thus far. First off let me say that this forum is helping me to build the confidence I need just knowing that there are people who share the same struggle as me and it's amazing. I am on here everyday just reading and responding to other people. I deleted Facebook when I started getting serious about studying so this is pretty much my replacement. Anyway, I have taken Nclex two times already ( which is not something I admitted to many people) I felt ashamed, sad, angry etc.. But I have finally decided to stop feeling sorry for myself. I have already accomplished so much and I will accomplish this as well. First time around I had 75 questions automatic fail. I only studied using kaplan and only used the q trainers and I didn't even complete all of them. I jumped around and the ones I did, I only read rationales for my wrong answers. Needless to say, I did not fully understand how I should study. The second time around I said I would really focus, I started to understand what I needed to do in order to pass this thing. I used the q trainers again and completed them, Looking up everything that wasn't familiar to me or I didn't understand ,read all rationales including right and wrong answers BUT I did not get through all of q7 rationales. I used the lippincott q & a book but only reviewed Ob, I used lippincott Alternative format questions book (not entirely) and kaplan strategies book . This book was the only one I completed, all the content inside as well as every single question. I also read the 35 pg study guide but one time was not enough. This all gave me a better understanding but I still did not pass, I ended the test with 265 questions so I did get somewhere. I now know I need to finish what I started. I started my kaplan review from the beginning , And I'm going to do everything in its entirety. I'm going through the content videos and will do the q trainers over and also complete the qbank. I am almost done with the alternative format book, I purchased lacharity PDA because I had tons of priority questions last time and I know I could use the help. I made a list of things I will complete before I test again. I know I will be successful this time around and I am glad to finally be able to refocus and put the work in that I need to finally put this test behind me. Thank you sooo much to anyone that took the time out to read this long post ! And good luck to all of you in your future endeavors
  7. Jae6

    Nclex Today

    Good luck!!
  8. Jae6

    Third attempt

    How many questions did you get your second attempt? And what have you done differently? I would reschedule if you arent feeling prepared you have taken the test twice before so you know the drill. Make sure you are ready. I will be taking my 3rd attempt soon as well
  9. Jae6

    Delegation? Help

    Priority delegation and assignment by lacharity. .. its a book that alot of ppl swear by. I would get it before you sit for nclex if u think u are weak in that area. It is a very important area on nclex
  10. Jae6

    FREAKING OUT! NCLEX in 3 days!

    The scores dont matter but your scores are really good as far as kaplan. Good luck to u just take your time and read through everything. And take breaks, sitting through 265 is alot and if you get to that many on nclex you should break just to refocus yourself. I will be looking forward to hearing that you passed and goodluck again
  11. Jae6

    All the way to 265!! I feel hopeless!

    Please let us know what you used to study
  12. Jae6

    All the way to 265!! I feel hopeless!

    No.. you passed!!! Congratsss
  13. Jae6

    All the way to 265!! I feel hopeless!

    You can pass with 265.. goodluck!
  14. Jae6

    Taking NCLEX next week!

    I would do trainers 6 and 7 over if you scored low and review every rationale right or wrong and look up what you dont know. Kaplan is a great source that I stand by in my opinion but you have to utilize it to the fullest and not skip around. Like someone else said watch the videos.the one on pharm helped me alot and i didnt struggle with pharm on my test at all. I did struggle with priority which is why i purchased the pda book and im glad you got it as well. From what i hear it is very helpful. I have the lippincott alternate format book as well and if you are weak with sata defiantly get it. Once again dont rush and be regretful take your time and make sure you are efficient in everything because not passing is no fun good luck with your studies, you can do it!
  15. Jae6

    Taking NCLEX next week!

    Have you completed the trainers? And yes like the person above asked what else are you doing or have you done to review? Ultimately if you feel you need more time i would go with it. I learned from my past experiences but if you are doing alot to prepare it could also just be your nerves because test day is coming up. Just keep studying and see how you feel in a few days. There's no rush
  16. Jae6

    stopped at 75

    Good luck!! Im sure u did great :)