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I am in the market for purchasing a stethoscope but I am indecisive. My school recommended both the Littman Master cardiology, as well as the Littman Classic II S.E. I am leaning more towards the Master Cardiology because the reviews portray it as the holy grail of stethoscopes next to the electronic 3200.

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Wearing your stethoscope around your neck will damage the tubing. The oils in your skin cause the tubing to harden and eventually crack necessitating repair/replacement long before you should need to.

This. Also, wearing your stethoscope around your neck is a safety hazard in the hospital setting. Anyone can grab it and turn it into a ligature of sorts. My clinical instructors (I'm in my final semester of an RN program) have always told us NOT to put the stethoscope around our necks.

I wear Grey's Anatomy cargo-style scrub pants so my stethoscope remains tucked into a cargo pocket until I need it. No tubing issues, and no safety issues! And no "dangling awkwardly when I don't need it" issues. :cat:

P.S. I use a Littman lightweight and love it.

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I start nursing school in Janurary and for months now I've been getting all of my gear ready for clinical and lecture. I see that someone above mentioned a Whitecoat clipboard. My school bookstore sells them for $30, and when I saw the price I figured I'd hit the web to try and find a cheaper alternative. sells the clipboard at a "damage sale" price for $12!!! I was skeptical at first of what the so called "minimal damage" would entail but my clipboard came in perfectly fine, Theres not even a scratch on the face of the clipboard! The site is actually having a sale right now on yellow colored clipboards making them $20, if you're nervous about buying a damage sale one.


vintagemother, ADN, CNA, LVN, RN

Specializes in Med-Surg, Psych, Geri, LTC, Tele. 2,711 Posts I love my md pocket clipboard! It even fits in my koi scrub pockets! I splurged and bought a pink one with all the bells and whistles (engraved, pink, pen holder, etc)

And I bought a "batclip" from Amazon to hold my stethoscope in my waist band. Never needed this for work, but it was helpful when I went back to school!



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Just finished my 1st semester of nursing school and I bought a bumble gum pink Littman 2 stethoscope! I love it. It was for $69.99 but got a discount on a site.



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they now have stethoscope covers that you can easily sanitize during your shift. They cover the stethoscope tubing and come in lots of colors. I saw them at



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Now you can buy a littmans. They have new silicone stethoscope tubing covers to protect your scope and it will last longer with less hardening of the tubing. I saw them at


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I have a cardiology IV and a Classic III. Sometimes the cardiology IV is overkill. I'm trying to listen to a pt's bowel sounds and I swear I can hear their S3-S4 sounds.