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  1. Failed Med Surg

    In my program its basically up to the department head on how many times u are let back into the program. There has been students who have taken a class 3 and 4 times. We can't use recorders in class and the instructors hardly ever use power points an...
  2. Failed Med Surg

    Its been 2 weeks since the end of the semester and 2 weeks since I've failed med surg 1! It has been a very stressful semester for me and I'm kind of glad that the semester is over! Yes I was and still am very upset with myself but I can't let that h...
  3. Playing catch up!!!

    Rossf014, my program is a 22 month semester of prereqs and then 18 months of actual nursing classes...I'll finish may long do you have left ?
  4. Playing catch up!!!

    Wow its been a while since I've posted on AN. Well since I've switched to full-time status things have gotten pretty stressful pretty fast. I knew it would be a lot to deal with but I had no idea just how much would be on my plate. Whew!! Ok so this ...
  5. Clinical/nursing bag

    I'm sure somewhere on this forum this question has been asked but I haven't searched for a thread. So I'm wondering what does everyone have in their clinical or nursing bag? I'm going into my second semester which includes med surg clinical..I just w...
  6. medisave help

    This thread is a little older but I purchased my littman from medisave. I was able to apply a discount, get free shipping and have my littman engraved with first and last name
  7. Class schedule question

    At my school we take OB, Peds, and advanced pharm together....and its during the summer semester! 😩 I have heard that peds and ob are really hard together and to have to take it during a short semester is really going to be streqssful. You just ha...
  8. Stethoscope help

    All is a good site....however I found my lightweight littman stethoscope from prices are amazing. I found tht site from a poster here on all nurses.
  9. "You won't be IV certified..."

    Iv therapy is part of my program. Its in the last semester of the program. In my area as an LPN we won't be able to hang blood or push certain medicines but can start IVs, run some meds, etc. I'm glad its included in the program and I dnt have to pay...
  10. My number one choice has always been women's health but not particularly l&d. My reason for wanting to be a nurse is to be a part of helping young girls and women learn how their bodies work and how to take care of themselves. I've also took an i...
  11. Stethoscope/clinical supplies

    Wow that's awesome... I'm definitely going to look that up. It would be awesome to have my name engraved or printed on most of the things I use throughout school and career. Reduces the risk of theft.... Now if only I could keep up with me pens! 😒
  12. Stethoscope/clinical supplies

    So far I pretty much have the basics, stethoscope, penlight, bandage scissors, b/p cuff, etc. Later on down the line I hope to get a littman classic all black edition.
  13. Stethoscope/clinical supplies

    From what I hear you are right, they really last a very long time. I hope I can hang on to mine for a long while
  14. Stethoscope/clinical supplies

    Where did u find a stethoscope on sale for black Friday?? Didn't know they had sales on them for black Friday, that would be awesome if they did for future references
  15. Hello fellow nursing students and nurses! Just wondering what kind of stethoscope did u buy or plan to buy for nursing school? When I went to school for medical assisting, I used the cheap one the school provided from prestige medical. It was very he...