Spin-off of fake nails - jewelry restrictions?

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Just wondering if certain hospitals (or maybe just certain units) have restrictions on jewelry, like rings?


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NICUs often have no jewelry policies.

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Yep, I work in NICU and the only jewelery we can wear is a plain wedding band, and it must be worn during the 2-minute scrub-in. We're not supposed to wear watches either but most people do anyways. They don't enforce the jewelery thing on my unit as much as they should! People are wearing huge diamonds! Ick.

I think most units that are considered "clean" have jewelery policies - surgery, obstetrics, etc.

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In the ED we didn;t have a policy but I never wore my wedding ring..I have a mod sized solataire that sticks out quite a bit..I always wondered what kind of "yuck" I would bring home in it?? I did buy a thin, cheap gold band after awhile tho..I thought that would make "some " people proposition me less..however, it really didnt make a difference with the drunks...:) Erin

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One plain band, no earrings or necklaces.


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No fake nails, no dangling earrrings-posts only, No neacklace, bracelet, etc. May wear rings but they discourage it-ask only wedding bands.

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On our clinical days we can only wear post earrings (no hoops, dangling earrings), your wedding band and a watch.

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Smart nurses do not wear unnecessary jewelry in the hospital, nor do patients/staff "need" jewelry.

Most all jewelry is unnecessary, barring a watch in facilities that do not have accurate clocks.

I think that all of us would be much better off, never seeing another "reported stolen, one $1,500 ring/bracelet/earring" in hospitals.


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For clinicals, we are the same: 1 pair post earrings, wedding band only, hair up off neck, etc.

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We are allowed 1 pair post earrings, a plain wedding band if applicable, no watches or other rings or jewelry on hands or arms. I changed my medic-alert bracelet to a necklace this year because of the requirements, never thought about it before nursing school...


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I don't know what the policy is, but I never wear anything except a watch! I wouldn't want to bring "hospital" germs home to my family, and I wouldn't want to carry germs between my pts. either. Just MHO, though.

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