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Just a silly pet peeve, something I would never bring up at work but something that continues to annoy me from time to time.

At my facility the nurses' station has exactly three chairs. Three chairs that have seen MUCH better days. One creaks constantly, one you can't lean back in (or you'll fall backwards) and one that is stuck in the lowest position (good for hiding but not good for the knees!)

On days, the unit manager is always in one chair. The unit secretary is always in another. They have their territory on the desk and everyone knows not to use their space or chairs.

There are two floor nurses on days. There's a tiny space left on the desk that manager and secretary aren't using that we can chart on.

What really chaps my hide is when, right at the end of the shift, when I'm trying to chart (usually I haven't had time to chart anything yet) other staff members who have their own offices, their own chairs, their own computers and their own desks (social workers, nutritionists, etc.) will come and sit in the one extra chair we have and go on our computer, or talk on our phone, or gap and gossip. The other nurse and I, who have been on our feet all day and would like nothing more than to chart and actually go home, are forced to work around these people and chart standing up at our med carts as there is literally no where else to go. This happens almost daily.

I know it's totally petty and stupid but this is almost always a person who sits at their desk all day. You'd think they'd have enough sense to let ONE of the floor nurses sit and chart for a few minutes.


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:yeah: Amen to that! They need to invest in a few chairs. Oh, wait, they would have to cut down on staff if they did that!:rolleyes:


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i don't think its petty at all, as with every aspect of nursing it is the floor nurse who works the hardest and gets the least respect and consideration.

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why can't you just ask the social worker or nutritionist to let you sit down and do your charting? if they have an office somewhere, couldn't they let the nurse sit at the nurse's station?


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I don't think you are being petty at all. I do think you and the other nurse should assert yourself here anc claim that chair and the space to chart. I se nothing wrong with you speaking up in this situation given the circumstances. It's a shame you even have to say anything but some are too lazy or oblivious to see the facts for what they are. Do it once or twice and a pattern will develop for the good of you and your co-worker. They'll get it.


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If they get one of those looks on their face when you ask to sit down, then ask them if you can use their desk and chair to do your charting.

If, as you stated, this is a daily occurrence, I think it is time to speak up and politely ask these people to allow you to sit so you can complete your charting. I don't think it would be inappropriate to point out that you have no where else to go to do this. These staff members are apparently unaware of their own behavior and, unfortunately, nothing short of actually stating the facts in a straight forward but professional manner is going work with them.

Or you could just gather up your materials, bring everything to their office, and sit at their desk to do your charting. That might get the point across very nicely.


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At the LTC where I work MDS, the dietary manager, social worker, therapy folks and myself, get whatever chart we need and sign out for it on a clipboard that hangs on the wall by the chart racks. Then take it to our respective offices and do what we need to do.... in peace and quiet! This might be a good solution for you! ;)


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Rather than complaining about it, why don't you just simply be assertive and say that you need this chair to do your charting. If you don't stick up for yourself you'll just be walked all over by everyone.

I don't want to seem rude here but it's hardly going to start world war 3 if you just ask them to move along and not really that big a deal. Yes it's annoying, people should be less selfish and realise that they are using up your chair but you can't change stupidity.

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I think its the law of the nursing station: there are never enough chairs for the staff.

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