South Carolina LPNs Arrested For Not Changing Wound Dressings

Two LPNs in a skilled nursing facility were arrested and charged with a felony for not changing the dressings on two patients. The charges raise more questions than they answer.


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This is the reason why the number of people wanting to be nurses is dwindling. Hearing stories like this is enough to scare people from the profession. 

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No I don't. I was being facetious.😄

I didn't think so, but one never knows...😎

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When more than one instance of identical nature is discovered, the investigator obtains a sample of patients and investigates. I hope they self-reported to the state first and the state surveyors conducted a survey within the same day.

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First time I can remember seeing this in PA BON disciplinary action list:


voluntarily surrendered her license, because she was convicted of Forgery, Tampering with Records or Identification and Unsworn Falsification to Authorities and poses a substantial risk to the public health and safety of her patients or clients or the public or a substantial risk of further criminal
convictions. (4/14/23)