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BeenThere2012 is a ASN, RN and specializes in PICU, Pediatrics, Trauma.

Began nursing in 1982 as an LVN. Received RN degree in 1995. Most experience is in Pediatrics, PICU and Trauma since 1997. Worked in Ambulatory care in multiple specialties as a float while in Nursing School. I have done some Travel assignments, but prefer being on staff. Although I have enjoyed working in large teaching, medical centers and a few small community hospitals, I am looking to go back to ambulatory settings. I love getting to know patients and their families and seeing them progress in their development and health issues.

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  1. Really? As all said…Nice sentiment, but totally impractical and serves only a few.
  2. Taking blood samples

    I’m all for A-lines. I thought the point of the post was to ask how to do these procedures in a less stressful manner for pediatric pts. Not all have A-lines.
  3. Switching from Acute Care to Ambulatory

    As others have said, it’s been nice to have more time in the evenings to be with family and the ability to get a good night’s sleep most days. It has been a challenge to get doctor’s appointments etc in when you work 5 days a week, but overall it is...
  4. Taking blood samples

    Yes but, that would only be in an intensive care setting.
  5. Taking blood samples

    It all depends on the age and how the parents handle it. Rarely, but sometimes it’s best to ask the parent to leave the room. Especially if they are very anxious. They’re attitude effects the child big time. Here’s a few basic principles I use. ...
  6. What orders from providers have made you laugh the most?

    How about the orders that are inappropriate/dangerous/miscalculated? That part is not funny but the doctor’s reaction when I handed her the vial of Morphine and a syringe and said, “okay. You give it!” Was priceless. She argued with me when I bro...
  7. Nurses are Fleeing the Hospital

    I haven’t seen one nurse on their cell phones where I work and we ALL help each other including housekeeping chores when needed. Did you ever think as a nurse you’d be unclogging a toilet? It is not like what you described everywhere. Not all n...
  8. Life in the vaccine clinic (can I whine for just a moment?)

    I hear ya! I work in a very busy pediatric practice…long days 10-12hrs 5 days a week, plus some 1/2 days on Saturdays. We can never get all our charting done by the end of the day and there are always patients still being seen after closing tim...
  9. At War With Ourselves

    If I could give 10 likes, I would. Very well spoken and I’m in total agreement. As a Pediatric nurse for 40 years, and still working full time in a clinic setting now, I have seen many babies hospitalized for pertussis, and other preventable di...
  10. Changing the Conversation about COVID to Get More People Vaccinated

    Same. I can put my patients who refuse the vaccine in 2 groups…The ones who are angry about me asking if hey have had or want the vaccine, and those who are willing to discuss it, but ultimately choose against it. The second group all say the same ...
  11. RN Gen Z vs RN Gen X

    Fully agree. You’ll learn things everyday and from many people. Nursing school prepares you to BEGIN learning how to care for patients and should give you a foundation for safely using critical thinking, prioritization etc. in the day to day. It i...
  12. Nursing Is No Longer Worth It

    Gordon Gekko….Most nurses are not pulling a pt up in bed a few times a shift…more like 15 times at least. Bending, stooping, all day long, not to mention briskly walking up and down a hallway practically all shift. Then there’s the bathroom breaks ...
  13. Was it easier to practice as a nurse back in the day?

    Unfortunately, there is a lot of compassion fatigue out there now. Partly I believe caused by the Covid situation and I also believe burnout due to chronic understaffing which has become worse due to Covid.
  14. Was it easier to practice as a nurse back in the day?

    I started in the 80’s. Patients smoked in their rooms and nurses smoked at the nurse’s station. We wrote whatever we felt like writing in our documentation. Now, we are much more professionalized. So, from the standpoint of better, mor...
  15. Please Describe Your COVID Experience in One Word?

    What do these abbreviations stand for?