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Did you all notice there is a pop song (god forbid I actually remember the name of it or who sings it) that came out a month or two ago. And part of the chorus goes like this

Can't stay on your life support, there's a shortage in the switch

Can't stay on your morphine cuz it's making me itch

I tried to call the nurse again, but she's being a little bytch.

Jus wondering what you all think? Up till now I think we had been spared trashing by the music genre, but i guess things have

I'm not saying they shouldn't have freedom to write what they want and it does have a catchy little tune and phrase.. but c'mon... would it kill someone somewhere to just say something nice about us???

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The song is by Pink, I can't think of the name right now.


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Yeah... it would be nice. But they're just lyrics. I've sung along to alot of things I don't necessarily agree with if it's catchy enough.

Also, if I remember correctly, the song is from the perspective of someone seeking out a fix. But I could be mistaken because I'm not a real big fan of Pink. Can't remember the name of the song though.


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Agreed, they are just lyrics and I sing along everytime it plays.

Is the name "just like a pill"? or something like that??

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When I sing along with it, I change the lyrics to this...

"I tried to call the nurse again, but she knows that I'm a bytch..." It makes me feel better.

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Is the song called, "Bitter Pill"?????:confused:

I've heard it twice: it is catchy, but I don't appreciate being called a b**ch!!!!:(

I know-just lyrics!!!:rolleyes: I like some of Pink's music, so I'll let it slide...:cool:


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just think of that particular nurse as that coworker you don't like (and don't tell me there isn't one, that's universal *lol*).



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the song is called just like a pill

and I definitely dont think its anti nursing at all

its trying to make a paralell between her relationship with some guy and morphine addiction....

I'm not the worlds biggest pink fan but I do enjoy her music and yes *GASP* even this song....

I guess I'm just a little B*itch :)

Personally I'm more offended by the way I see nurses/nursing portrayed in other media (movies tv etc) than anything I've heard musically

but hey we could all band together and write nasty letters to Pink and probably make her come out with a real anti nurse song

or even better we could form our own band and sing about whiny little rock stars :p

I do know some B*itchy nurses that do ignore call bells so whenever I hear pink singing her little song and specifically the line "I tried to call the nurse again but she's being a little B*tch , I think I'll get out of here" I think about those nurses and I also think about how many times I really wish some people would just get out of here

so go pink , go on , out the door dont let the big automatic doors hit your A$$ on the way out !



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I don't care much because I know some nurses are b*tches. Doesn't mean she's calling me a b*tch. If she was, then I would get offended.


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I kind of take it as a compliment.:D



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What about us male nurses? We need a catchy little ditty about us too. I am suing Pink (whoever the hell she is) for blatant discrimination. I am so far behind the music scene I have heard of Pink but never heard one of her songs. I listen to the moldy oldies, they know me there.



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I've heard that song too, kinda thought I heard "nurse" in it. :eek:

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