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galenight is a BSN, RN and specializes in Emergency Room.

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  1. CME for Acute Care NPs

    I am having trouble finding continuing education for Acute Care NPs. ANCC requires at least 51% of CME be directly related to your specialty. So many conferences are geared mainly toward primary care. I am having an especially hard time find pharm...
  2. I'm likely to be offered my first NP position this week after 2 interviews. The schedule is a brutal: 7 days on, 7 days off 12 hour shifts with a hospitalist group. My question is does anyone pick up RN time? I could use the extra money for loan repa...
  3. Anybody else in hiring limbo?

    I, too, am in Job limbo... thank goodness I still have my RN job! I finished classes late July, actual graduation date was August 27. Took boards on Oct 16 and my license came through in 8 days. I've been looking since July and have had 3 in perso...
  4. Emergency Department 23 hr Observation Patients

    We are also critical access, with a moderate ED patient volume... big fluxes some days pretty slow, others crazy. My opinion is that it is unrealistic for us to care for OBS patients adequately. There is the whole thing with a Medex, kardex, differ...
  5. Fall 2009 Graduate school roll call!!!

    Hi all 1. Wayne State University 2. Acute and Critical care nurse practitioner 3. working full time 4. school part time 5. need to talk to the mental health nurse practitioner student, cuz i must be crazy to be going back to school AGAIN!
  6. Bathroom Inservicing

    So.. I personally think it is tacky. Tacky Tacky Tacky. If we went to the bathroom of a Forbes 500 company would they have ANYTHING taped to the door of a bathroom stall? If I went to IBM tomorrow, would there be a memo from Gates detailing fourth...
  7. juggling motherhood and nursing

    I started nursing school when my children were 3 and 7. It wasn't easy. I did have a husband at that time and for a couple years while I worked, but always had to work full time. The key to juggling both being a mom and a nurse, is to make the tim...
  8. Am I to old?

    I agree with everyone else.. you are not too old. As for your nursing education, I would recommend getting your RN degree. Nursing infomatics is complex and would require the more specialized knowledge an RN possesses. You may want to research the...
  9. what is the....

    Boredom to the Nth This information should be in your reference books. I assume you are a student. By the way, there are many nursing theories, not just one. Happy researching.
  10. Learn To Say It Correctly!!

    OH yes I did... just wanted to see how long before anyone :chuckle Ok, I'll rephrase. GRAMMAR POLICE UNITE!
  11. Learn To Say It Correctly!!

    Acid relex instead of acid reflux gets me everytime. I, too, cannot stand when people use to/too/two incorrectly. PheneGRAN puts me over the edge. Pacific for specific, as one poster already mentioned, is enough to make me want to jump in the Pacif...
  12. Have you reported each needlestick injury?

    I have reported my dirty needle stick, but not the couple of sterile ones. Those darn insulin needles we had for some reason would go right through the cap (before we got the ones with the sleeve) and I stuck myself twice. Duh. I also once was dro...
  13. Can ppl read their own PPD?

    No lay person should read their own TB skin test. They don't have the knowledge or the background to know what is normal and what is not. I read my own TB skin test at home over the weekend when I had been required to get it done immediately due a ...
  14. Suturing - Do you do it?

    I don't do it in the ER where I work (small rural), but would love to. I believe I have heard of training courses within a hospital where they deem you capable of simple sutures, but it's a hospital by hospital basis. It is not typical for ER nurse...
  15. Which had you rather do?

    The decision is yours alone. And it can't just be about money. If you think about it, your increase is only $40/week if you work 5 days a week. Yes, that's $2000 a year. But where is your best quality of life going to be? Some people love midnig...