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galenight is a BSN, RN and specializes in Emergency Room.

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  1. galenight

    Emergency Department 23 hr Observation Patients

    We are also critical access, with a moderate ED patient volume... big fluxes some days pretty slow, others crazy. My opinion is that it is unrealistic for us to care for OBS patients adequately. There is the whole thing with a Medex, kardex, different computer system, computer charting (we chart paper) that we know nothing about. I realize we can be trained, but still. What our facility has just implemented is that we will keep ANY inpatient if census on the MED/SURG floor is zero (which does occassionally happen). Once a second patieint is to be admitted, then we can call the MS nurses and the floor will be opened up. Pity the patients if we are swamped. Their care can be severely compromised. We only have 2 nurses on staff in the ED. On midnights one is an LPN. This is not a good situation at all. Damn bean counters!
  2. galenight

    Fall 2009 Graduate school roll call!!!

    Hi all 1. Wayne State University 2. Acute and Critical care nurse practitioner 3. working full time 4. school part time 5. need to talk to the mental health nurse practitioner student, cuz i must be crazy to be going back to school AGAIN!
  3. galenight

    Am I to old?

    I agree with everyone else.. you are not too old. As for your nursing education, I would recommend getting your RN degree. Nursing infomatics is complex and would require the more specialized knowledge an RN possesses. You may want to research the requirements for working in that field, I suspect it will say RN not LVN. Also, remember that your previous course work will count towards some of your education requirements, depending on the institution and maybe depending on how long ago you obtained them. More research. Good luck to you. Nursing infomatics is definitely the new kid on the block and sure to grow.
  4. galenight

    what is the....

    Boredom to the Nth degree...lol This information should be in your reference books. I assume you are a student. By the way, there are many nursing theories, not just one. Happy researching.
  5. galenight

    Learn To Say It Correctly!!

    OH yes I did... just wanted to see how long before anyone noticed....lol :chuckle Ok, I'll rephrase. GRAMMAR POLICE UNITE!
  6. galenight

    Learn To Say It Correctly!!

    Acid relex instead of acid reflux gets me everytime. I, too, cannot stand when people use to/too/two incorrectly. PheneGRAN puts me over the edge. Pacific for specific, as one poster already mentioned, is enough to make me want to jump in the Pacific! To the poster who asked for the pronunciation of Diflucan.. here in Michigan I've always heard it pronounced die-flew-can. I think it's phonetic. I also can't stand when people use ain't (do you put an apostrophe in there? doesn't really matter.. it's not a word!) It's worse still when the nurses you work with use it regularly. Cringe!! Or the all to common double negative. "I didn't get no memo about that". WHAT?!? Then you did get the memo? GRAMMER POLICE UNITE!
  7. galenight

    Have you reported each needlestick injury?

    I have reported my dirty needle stick, but not the couple of sterile ones. Those darn insulin needles we had for some reason would go right through the cap (before we got the ones with the sleeve) and I stuck myself twice. Duh. I also once was dropping a needle before drawing anything up and out of reflex, went to go catch it (another duh!) and got stuck in the palm. Now, I just back up.. hands in the air... like I'm under arrest or something...lol
  8. galenight

    Can ppl read their own PPD?

    No lay person should read their own TB skin test. They don't have the knowledge or the background to know what is normal and what is not. I read my own TB skin test at home over the weekend when I had been required to get it done immediately due a known exposure several weeks before that was just confirmed. Well, it was grossly positive. Even I, a trained nurse, had wondered what was going on with the redness on my arm because I had forgotten about the test. Then the lightbulb came on and I realized what it was. A layperson could have chalked it up to a bug bite or a reaction to some other substance, especially if it was as large as mine was - nearly my entire forearm.
  9. galenight

    Suturing - Do you do it?

    I don't do it in the ER where I work (small rural), but would love to. I believe I have heard of training courses within a hospital where they deem you capable of simple sutures, but it's a hospital by hospital basis. It is not typical for ER nurses in the US to suture based on my experience.
  10. galenight

    Do Nurses STILL want to marry Doctors?

    nuh uh.. heck no... no way.. not in this lifetime, never ever, not if doctors were the only bachelors left on the planet. Did I say no?
  11. galenight

    Things Patients Have Taught Me NOT To Do.

    OHmygosh... got a mental picture of this. Too funny... feathers everywhere.. wounds, everyone's hair... equipment.... LOL
  12. galenight

    Happy Emergency Nurses Day

    We got pizza earlier in the week. Our ADON made us a yummy banana dessert. We were given Emergency nurses week folder/organizer thingy. It has a notepad and slots to file things like your incident reports (j/k), your CEUs or organize your bills or something.. Kinda like a file thing. Anyway. It was nice to be recognized and appreciated. They were going to have food every other day and in the nights too to try to catch everyone.
  13. galenight

    What you wish they knew....

    Boy, if that's not the truth!!!
  14. galenight

    What you wish they knew....

    oh my.. where to start I wish they knew... That they are not the only patient I have at the moment and more than likely, they are not the most critical. That I am doing the best I can within the limits of... my profession, my abilities, my resources, and my physician. That they are responsible for their own actions and/or inactions. I am not here to coddle you. I am here to get you out of your crisis du jour.. that's it. If you don't want XYZ treatment or medication, you don't have to have it. I could care less. It's your body and your right to refuse. I'll let you know that. You will have to sign a refusal of care form, because if you are a big enough boy or girl to make that decision, you are big enough to take resposibility for it and sign a waiver. I also wish patients knew and truly, truly understood that medicine is as much art as it is science. We cannot cure everything. We can't make all pain go away. We cannot save everybody every time. We want to. We try our hardest, but we just can't. I wish patients knew that often with chronic pain or severe injuries, one has to learn to live with a certain amount of pain. It may not be pleasant, it may be hard, but it beats being addicted and doped up without quailty of life. I wish they knew that you SHOULDN'T always try to save everybody. Your 99yr old, comatose, demented, diabetic, great gradma with CHF, on dialysis, s/p CVA with paralysis does not have any quality of life. Let her go. I wish they knew that medical resources, particularly the emergency room, should be used prudently. Health care, whether or not you pay out of pocket is not "free". I wish they knew that I want to get them that warm blanket, that hot meal, that cool drink and that current magazine for their comfort. I don't mean to forget it -- more pressing things come along.. I usually get it sooner or later. I wish they knew that it isn't the hilton and that those things are not what makes us good or bad. Quality nursing and medical care is. I wish they knew that I am a good nurse. I work hard FOR THEM. Yeah, I get paid a fair wage, but that's not the only reason I do what I do. I do it because I want to help people. I wish they knew how hard they sometimes make it to continue to want to help them.
  15. galenight

    Post-traumatic nurse disorder ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    When I was first a nurse, I would hear the IVs beeping in my sleep. A couple times I got up as if to go silence them and realized mid stride that I was home and it was night time and I dreamt the sound. More recently, I've been having vivid dreams involving my coworkers. Nothing inappropriate, or even medical, just bizarre. I think I'm just spending too much time with them...lol
  16. galenight

    What's your holiday bonus?

    Well, this year, in light of the "restructuring" they have done this week (terminated 10-15% of the employees), we get to keep our jobs for the holiday. In the past years we were given a $15 or $20 gift certificate to the hospital gift shop. The money was at least partially donated by med staff. I always thought it was interesting that we were given something that ultimately benefitted the hospital since the auxillary runs the gift shop and buys things for the hospital. We may not get anything this year because of the cut backs. We also don't get a party given by the hospital, but there is a committee of employee volunteers who raise funds throughout the year and organize an annual party. The party is this Saturday and I can't wait... (ok.. i'm on the committee and I'm ready to have a one month break from the stress of it all...lol... it'll be great fun though!)