something need to be changed

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I would like to know

as nurse what are the things in your uints/ wards need to change



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Drive for customer service. Very high acutiy patients for our floor and nurse to patient ratios.


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I really like my current unit, but I don't appreciate some of the old-school attitudes that are present on my unit. There are some excellent nurses whose experience and knowledge I will probably never equal, but I have noticed they tend to despite the men on our nursing team, saying men shouldn't be in nursing and that they cannot multitask.

I know the same of some other female nurses inability to multitask. It isn't a gender issue, and shouldn't be suggested. Gossip and nastiness in a unit drives me mad.



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the continous rule changing which said new rule only lasts for a max of a week (so then whats the point?) and a effective way to know when threapy takes a pt off the floor (since they dont seem to feel the need of letting us know) and the MDs need to do rounds more often (LTC)

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I detest the admixture of customer service and patient care. Healthcare facilities are in existence to provide patient care, not customer service. Moreover, there's a huge difference between nursing care and customer service.

For instance, the cook at the Hilton will serve the coronary artery disease patient a steak and baked potato covered with multiple pats of butter. The hotel cook will even serve an entire double chocolate cake to the noncompliant diabetic who is willing to pay for it. The bellhop at the Ritz-Carlton will escort the COPD patient to an area where smoking is allowed. Hotel, hospitality, and tourism employees will do these things in the name of great customer service.

It is of the utmost importance that patients and visitors realize that the hospital is for patient care, not customer service. It is scary that customer service scores on surveys will soon dictate reimbursement rates for healthcare facilities.


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I would just like something simple: supplies well stocked and where I expect them to be and equipment that works. I get really frustrated at how much time I spend hunting supplies down and trying to find a machine that works. :(


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24 hr. onsite pharmacy

24 hr onsite cafeteria

24 hr laundry.

In hospital physician (outside of the ER) 24 hrs a day. It's a bad night when you've got someone going down the tubes and the MD's 30 minutes away.

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The focus to be on pt care and NOT customer service as The Commuter said. She took the words right out of my mouth.



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I have to agree with the posts here that the customer service based reimbursements are just a bad idea. I just got out of the tourism/entertainment business and I know what it's like when all focus is on customer service, it won't be pretty.




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Definitely patient care/education vs customer service. We are not BK and no you cannot have it your way all the time. We are here to fix a problem it took you years to acquire; letting you have it your way will usually just exacerbate/compound said problem(s).



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I would just like something simple: supplies well stocked and where I expect them to be and equipment that works. I get really frustrated at how much time I spend hunting supplies down and trying to find a machine that works. :(

I must work with you. :lol2:

It's better now, but for a few weeks we had a "shortage of the day" of commonly used supplies. Very frustrating to have to go on a scavenger hunt at least once a shift to find what you need....and bump into a couple of your fellow nurses on their own procurement mission.

Next? Coffee that tastes as though it was brewed from actual coffee beans, not roasted kidney beans or something.


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I have mixed feelings about open visitation.

Either go back to visiting hours, or build ICUs with enough room/chairs to acomodate visitors.