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  1. Dont wanna be a floor nurse..

    More than likely not unless you know someone.
  2. Defining nursing with a single word...

  3. nurse burnout

    I'm glad someone admitted that nursing has gotten harder. You'd think that we new nurses are just not being taught anything but I think the schools haven't caught up with the changes that have occured in practice. I pray that you find something you l...
  4. Need some advice. I hate my job!

    Yes I think I just did.
  5. Need some advice. I hate my job!

    MommymF there IS NO REASON you HAVE to be miserable in your job ESPECIALLY if you don't have to work for insurance/benefits. I understand that not everyone is so lucky to be able to move around with ease because of financial responsiblities that ha...
  6. Need some advice. I hate my job!

    Did she tell you she did not like what you posted? I think she was specifically referring to ScottE's post. Who said she was making her coworkers miserable? There are people out there who can hate their job but not let it spill into their work and di...
  7. Do they not want the truth in exit interviews?

    Simply put....no they really don't.
  8. Ever wonder...

    How did she work in ICU for a year then? Think she knows the department manager? My last job new hires all knew the nurse manager. A few went to church with her or she knew their parents.
  9. Another vent.

    Munch, I am so so sorry this happened to you. I really am. I just have to wonder/ask what happened that caused the patient to fall? If she fell that easily with you, what makes you think she wouldn't have fell on the PCT as well? Do you feel you don'...
  10. How to handle pregnancy

    The best thing to do is talk with your doctor at length about the things and patients you need to avoid and do while you are pregnant and working as a nurse. This subject should not be a hit and miss type thing which could easily happen asking this q...
  11. How to handle pregnancy

    Please stop texting us. We are not on the phone.
  12. dumbest nurse in the industry.

    I check the charts several times a shift. Check it when you come in. After you pass morning meds, when a patient comes back from a procedure....etc. Check it as often as you can throughout the shift. Especially when you notice doctors rounding. Nursi...
  13. 12hr chart check vs 24hr chart check

    We work 12 hrs on our floor. I check the charts when I come on after report. The previous nurse did the same thing so technically our floor actually does "24 hour chart checks" every 12 hours. If you "Note" every new order in the chart that occurs d...
  14. Who are all these people dying in your arms?

    Is it really that important? I don't necessarily care what kind of ego-trip, self gratification, etc. in her/his mind it takes for a nurse to do the best job she/he can. IF it has no direct negative impact on the care they give. Its hard enough to co...
  15. Rough start....not coping at all.

    You have hit the nail on the head. You feel exactly like I do...minus the crying. I moan and complain alot before my shift though. People say it gets better, and I'm sure it does. How do you survive until that time is my question? I cannot live this ...