So where are RN jobs right now...

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So, the job market is kind of falling off in Denver, CO... where I live now. But.... I can take a job in any of the RN compact states...

Where are the "hot," job markets right now... I just want to work! (Preferably nursing home, or hospitals that don't require recent hospital experience).

I don't think there are any "HOT" markets right now. Actually the situation is exactly the opposite.

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Are you a new grad?

If so, I think any place is pretty much equal in their dismal outlook for employment.

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In Pittsburgh, PA the job market for new and experienced RN's is beginning to open. There are many positions that do want 6 months to 1 year of experience. I precepted two senior nursing students last year - one got hired into a Neuro ICU and one got hired into a pediatric ICU. However, they had both worked as nurse techs for a couple of years. I have seen friends on Facebook that are getting jobs in rehabilitation, LTC, and psychiatric facilities.

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Where I work has a ton of RN job postings, but we're in NY which I don't think is a compact state. And we're also in the middle of a long, drawn out contract negotiation... but we're trying to get magnet status as well :smackingf

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Why limit yourself to compact states? Once you have your RN in one state it's not that hard to get a license in other states.

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Louisiana is hiring, we aren't a compact state, though. Our hospice just hired 2 RN's with experience, but I have heard that hospitals in the New Orleans area are open to new grads.

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If you want to look into this further...this past Saturday when I used a job search engine to search for new grad RN positions without plugging in a zip code, I got a good handful of hits for programs at Seattle Hospitals. Their market may be opening up a bit.

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There is always Alaska :)

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Very good article. It's nice to read one reporting on what's really going on right now. Yea Hawaii for taking proactive measures to try to keep your graduates and at least get them entered into a career pipeline until things take a turn for the better.

I am a new grad RN and was recently hired in San Angelo, Texas (I moved here from MD). My friend, who I went to nursing school with and is also a new grad, is getting ready to interview here as well, and may potentially move here since there is nothing in the MD/DC/VA area.

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