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I know that it is hard for new grads to get jobs, and feel bad for complaining about this, but I am just so very overwhelmed. I am fortunate to live an a area where RN's are in demand (especially for outside of hospital jobs). I have had four interviews and three offers for rehab facilities. I turned down two offers because they were not what I was looking for, and just accepted an offer a few days ago. I stopped applying for jobs because I planned to stay there for a year to get experience and then start applying to hospitals (which is where I really want to be). I just found out that I will be getting a call this week for an interview at the hospital for the position that I wanted all along. This is just so overwhelming. I go for my drug screen, background check on Monday and feel bad for putting the company through the cost of it since I plan to accept the job at the hospital if offered. But I don't want to decline the offer and not get the hospital job (which is very likely).

I am a people pleaser and have lost so much sleep while job hunting. I hate disappointing people, especially after trying to impress them just to get an interview. I know that I should take the hospital job if offered not only because it is the type of patients that I want but also because there is such a large difference in pay- $4/hr plus differentials. I guess I am just wondering what others would do in this situation or if I seem to be worrying about nothing. How do you handle multiple offers that happen at different times and after you accept a job?


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I am a people pleaser as well. However, what I have learned through age is that you have to always look out for your own best interest first. Nobody and I mean nobody will look out for you and your career development is only in your hands. Truly analyze what each offer has to offer you and match them up with your 5 year plan. Pick the one that has the best opportunity to line you up for those plans. Also, you don't actually *have* the hospital offer on the table yet. Just the interview. They may never call you back. So, for right now, I wouldn't let the left hand know what the right hand is doing if you you know what I mean. Good luck!


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If you haven't even interviewed at the hospital yet then I wouldn't count it as an offer. I would roll with the facility that hired you and keep it moving until things change, then you can decide from there what you want to do.


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TAKE THE HOSPITAL JOB IF OFFERED. Start at the other job in case, and honestly, don't stress too much about leaving them in the lurch, because, frankly, it happens, and you really need to do what's best for YOU.


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Where are you located so I can apply to work there too?

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If you are offered the hospital job, and you really want to take it.... go for it. Just keep in mind that you will need to stick with that employer for a while. None of that "one year and I'm outta here" stuff because you will undoubtedly be listed as 'not eligible for rehire' with your current employer. This is a negative mark on your employment history that can be offset if you have subsequent positive job history.

This situation is not uncommon. If an employer wants to fix it, they need to offer more competitive salary packages.


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i understand how you feel, i'm in a similar position, but i actually haven't signed my name on the dotted line yet. I have an awesome opportunity for a position that was created for me in L and D, and I don't want to waste their time for going out of their way for wanting to hire me, I would love the job, I just don't know which one to take myself.


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You feel guilty because you are an honorable person and you seem to hold your employer in the same light you would a spouse... "'til Death do us part." I empathize because I am the exact same way.

First off, you don't have the dream job yet so this is all worry about something that might never happen.

Second, if you DO get the offer, the reality is that employment is not that kind of fiduciary relationship. Are you an employee-at-will? Your job would cut you in a flash if conditions changed for them. When you accept a job, it is with good faith that you will meet your contractual obligations. Sounds as if you are acting in good faith. If you signed a contract for a year, then of course there would be penalties if you quit before. Believe me, your facility has a bucket load of lawyers who specialize at drafting employment contracts that favor your employer and is quite aware of the current employment patterns in which employees change jobs many times during a career across all industries. If they didn't draft termination penalties into your contract, then it's a wide-open playing field, my friend! Paying for screens, etc. is just the ante that an employer pays to play.

You are clean on your side of the street if you simply meet your contractual obligation. If a better offer comes along, let your employer have a chance to meet it (if that's at all possible) and if not, give your current employer generous notice so they can replace you with one of the hoard of applicants who might have this job as their first pick. You are just shortening the time you spend working up to your next level.

Congratulations on doing so well. Joyfully move on to your next job. And share your Job Search strategies and tips with the rest of us who are still looking!


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Might I ask WHERE RNs are in demand??!

Please and thank-you.....;)

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