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  1. MissyNik

    Travel nurse licensing tips

    So if someone is looking to do travel nursing how soon do you get a license for a state if you have no idea what state you will be in first?
  2. MissyNik

    Leaving travel nursing

    Ok hearing this side of it is new. I have heard all really good stuff and nothing remotely close to this. Thats why I am researching this whole idea.
  3. MissyNik

    Scared! Need Inspiring Travel Nurse Stories!

    I am researching travel nursing and am pretty sure that I will be doing it soon. I am trying to get educated on housing and taxes. I am looking into licensing and deciding on which agencies are good. Im pretty excited about it and nervous too. Glad there is some where to come to read and research!!
  4. MissyNik

    ITT RN grad RN to BSN programs

    Good for you and Im glad it worked out. I attend a nursing program in Ohio and had no problem transferring any of classes, they took every single credit that I had from the community colleges as well as from Breckenridge. So nothing is ever impossible you just have to keep trying and seeking out what you want.
  5. MissyNik

    2017 WCCCD Nursing Hopefuls

    Just to give a little advice.....I agree to use the HESI study guide for all of the sections along with another book to study A/P. Wishing you the best in your studies and entry into nursing school.
  6. MissyNik

    2017 WCCCD Nursing Hopefuls

    Oh ok.....Are the weekly exams from the book and power points? There were some horrible reviews on rate my professor. The first week seems heavy.
  7. MissyNik

    2017 WCCCD Nursing Hopefuls

    How did it go? I have been trying to find information about this class and no luck at all.
  8. MissyNik

    2017 WCCCD Nursing Hopefuls

    Has anyone taken nutrition here?
  9. MissyNik

    ITT RN grad RN to BSN programs

    You are more than welcome! Mostly all of my classmates are working as an RN and are all back in school. Glad you were able to transition to another school.
  10. MissyNik


    Trying to find out about Nutrition at some of the community colleges. Can anyone offer any information?
  11. MissyNik

    Schoolcraft LPN-RN Fall 2017

    Congrats girl you made it happen!! Excited for you.
  12. MissyNik

    Ohio University RN-to-BSN Program

    Did you guys ever get into the facebook group?
  13. MissyNik

    ITT RN grad RN to BSN programs

    You should look into Ohio University. Congrats on graduating and don't worry so much about the next level. Just complete where you are now and enjoy it.
  14. MissyNik

    Ohio University RN-to-BSN Program

    Just search Ohio University and it should come up but its there I'm in it.
  15. MissyNik

    ER position

    We had several new nurses in orientation who got hired for the ER, so I would say go for it if you believe that you can learn it and do it. Don't be afraid to try what you want to do......
  16. MissyNik

    Purpose for word, power point, and excel in nursing

    Excel is used for staff scheduling assignments, Word is used for creating letters to go out to staff and also for meeting notes. I really don't get why they create assignments like this, its sort of ridiculous.

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