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  1. MissyNik

    Rehabilitation Nursing: A Specialty In Its Own Right

    So are these same skills used on the rehab floor in the hospital?
  2. Congrats Lillian!! I got mine and I felt like I was on cloud nine OMG!!! So wonderful isn't it
  3. MissyNik

    NCLEX / HESI Study Guide

    Well I will say that the 35 page study guide is well worth going over!! I took my exam and all I remember doing for some of the questions was spitting out those Mnemonics especially for the infection control! Its well worth the time to review and will help you learn with a different method. Thanks for posting the study guides, it makes it a lot easier to review key topics instead of flipping through the books.
  4. This is such great Information thank you very much.
  5. MissyNik

    Kaplan coupon code

    How much are the courses? I would love to do something with Kaplan
  6. MissyNik

    NCLEX / HESI Study Guide

    Cant wait to review the 35 pages of notes. It looks massive but as I read through it on here I couldn't pull myself away from it and ended up going to get dinner an hour late LOL........Thanks a million!!