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Invited several times during first nursing school and declined. Now invited again, and will do it, graduating in June-can't hurt and helps develop new nurses.


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According to my RN-BSN program, I've been invited to join. Anyone a member? What are the benefits (journal, discounted CEUs, etc)? What's the cost (I just received a notification letter, but haven't received the details)?


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Basically for grad school applications. Join now and then if it lapses you can just pay your dues and be active again. Grad schools definitely want to see it on your application.


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I have been a member since 2008. I remember receiving my invitation and feeling so proud. You have to be in the very top percentage as far as your GPA to be able to join/even be considered. I felt as though all my hard work and success in nursing school was finally being recognized. Definately take advantage of this oppurtunity. You have obviously strived to be the best of the best. That is what the nurses of Sigma Theta Tau are recognized as being.

Besides recognizing outstanding academic achievement, the main point of STT is to promote nursing leadership and provide additional networking opportunities among professionals. There are CEU's, membership meetings, and you run to be on your chapter board. The benefits you receive will depend on your involvement. I do have to admit, I have not taken full advantage of the membership opportunities but it is an honor knowing that the opportunity is there for the taking. The cost includes the initial fees (not what sure they are now) and the renewal is about $80-$90/yr.

Go for it!




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It looks good on a resume, too. I'd take any edge I could get in this economy! :p


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You only have to be in the top 30%, is that still correct?

What about Alpha Chi? I just got invited to and joined that one. It better damn well look good! LOL I didn't work my butt off to get in the top 10% for nothing.


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You only have to be in the top 30%, is that still correct?

It's the top 35% of your graduating class, and at least a 3.0 average. They've lowered the standards from a number of years ago -- it used to be only the top 25% were invited to join.

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You can get free online continuing ed if you are a member!

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I was a member for quite a few years. I took advantage of the free online courses and liked the magazine, but otherwise didn't see any practical advantage to spending my $80 per year. You can get nifty jewelry if you belong...

It's a recognition of doing well, kind of the key club for nursing like Phi Beta Kappa is for some other things. A status symbol. I've never had any employer notice that I had it, and 2 didn't know what it was!

I'm not familiar with Alpha Chi.


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Well, if it's the top 35%, it's hardly an elite group. I'm guessing if my grade point average is above 3.8, it won't matter if I have a Sigma Theta Tau membership on my application or not, should I choose to apply to grad school sometime in the future.

I feel that many of these groups are basically an exercise in self-congratulations and self-promotion. A lot of patting on the back, not a lot of substance. I was curious if this one was different. I wasn't able to tell based on their website. I'm not very good at being on committees and such because I am so sarcastic and have an extremely low tolerance for bullsh$t. I'm guessing this is an opportunity I will probably pass up.

I really appreciate everyone's input; thank you!


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I thought it was a scam since they asked for money. A lot of people in my class joined. I figured if people wanted to know my GPA they could just ask.

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