Should I transfer nursing schools?

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  1. Should I transfer?

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      No, stay at current private nursing school.
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      Yes, go to closer community college.

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Hello! So I currently have the option of transferring. I will explain the options:

1) Currently I am attending a private accelerated nursing program. The reputation is somewhat shady and they could possibly be losing their accredidation (as I have heard from an instructor). Their 1st time NCLEX pass rate is 84% and their graduation rate is nearly 30%. Their classes go by fast (10 week classes) and 4 quarters a year. They are also more expensive (14,000/year) with hardly any scholarship opprotunities. I drive an hour there and an hour back for classes and clinicals are sometimes a 2 hour drive from where I live. If I stay here, I can graduate with my ADN Sept 2019.

My transfer option:

2) A community college that is a 5 minute drive from where I live. My daughter attends daycare across the street from this college. They have a wonderful nursing program and a 96% 1st time NCLEX pass rate. Their graduation rate is in the high 80s. They are very inexpensive compared to the one I am currently attending (8k a year) and have a lot of scholarship opprotunities. They go by semesters, which means summer break (more opprotunity to work and save up money, along with studying over the summer next year). However, my graduation date would be pushed 9 months (because of the 2 month summer break and 6 month gap before I can start), which would mean I graduate May 2020. They also have articulation agreements with other 4-year colleges so I can go on to get my BSN later.

My question is, would it be worth it to go to a better, cheaper and close by college, but graduate 9 months later?

Thanks for the input :)

Yes, go to a community college.

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Nine months is nothing in the grand scheme of a better set-up overall! Have you actually looked into the transfer and discussed it with the school? Sounds so much better!

That commute must be stressful. Definitely, aim for the community college acceptance.

Oh dear lord, please switch programs! 9 months is nothing, especially taking into account how much more you're paying for your current school.

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YIKES! Please consider going to the community college. The closeness, the convenience, the better NCLEX pass rate/retention rate, the cheaper cost, the better reputation... it all just adds up to a big old TRANSFER NOW sign in red neon letters!

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I think you already know the answer and PP's also agree with that sentiment. Save money, time and stress and go to the CC. Since your current school is private you may want to make sure your credits will transfer to the CC, I know that *sometimes* can be an issue between public institutions and private/for profit institutions. In the scheme of things, what is another 9 months? Best wishes.

The problem I think the OP is going to run into is if they have already started at the private for profit school, many of their credits may not actually transfer. They maybe forced with staying and finishing there or starting over.

A private school is fine, but you should never choose a for profit option if there are other options around.

My question is, why didn't you apply to the community college program to begin with? No, don't answer. That question is rhetorical.

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I have always said your journey through nursing school is just that: Your Journey. It is not a competition. Move at a pace that makes sense for you and your daughter. You will get to the finish line at the right time.


Hi. I know this thread is old but out of curiosity, did you transfer to the nursing program at the community college? Did you run into problems with transferring classes/credits? I have the same problem right now.

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