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emmjayy has 4 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Critical Care.

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  1. emmjayy

    Nursing Staffing Post COVID Quagmire...

    Covid combined with the way hospitals are run has made me hate nursing. I hate feeling like I exist to get taken advantage of. I am currently looking for a non-bedside job and as soon as I can leave, I will.... and I have no plans to ever come back. ...
  2. I just applied for a nurse case manager position at an insurance company, dealing with worker's compensation cases. I am not totally clear on what this kind of job entails, but applied because it's a remote position and I have a solid administration/...
  3. Deleted b/c it's not worth the fight.
  4. emmjayy

    COVID-19: NCLEX Changed!!

    Yiiiiikes. I remember having wicked high levels of anxiety about taking the NCLEX and now seeing people's testing dates getting pushed and testing centers being closed? I'd say y'all deserve a shorter/easier NCLEX just for the pure stress you are bei...
  5. There's certainly irresponsible sharing of statistics and models, with no context given to the numbers and sensationalized language throughout. For example, my local paper breathlessly reported two days ago "grim forecasts" from the Gates Foundation ...
  6. emmjayy

    GCU RN-BSN 2019 Capstone

    So basically, the hours you work on your project each week count as your clinical hours. Honestly, I don't know of anyone who could possibly spend 10 hours per week working on these project components LOL, but I just said that that's what I spent and...
  7. So.... I was laid off from my job in an elective procedural area a few weeks ago (I'm in NYS, for perspective). I was told at the time that we were going to get a massive surge of patients and that I would be redeployed back to the ICU from whence I ...
  8. emmjayy

    GCU RN-BSN 2019 Capstone

    WOW!! Sorry to everyone who asked me a question directly and I did not respond to - things have been kind of crazy over here, I switched jobs, then got switched back to work COVID ICU... just very hectic. I will try to answer folks now though ? @TnG3...
  9. emmjayy

    GCU RN-BSN 2019 Capstone

    Basically just organize as much as you can at the start and make sure you are very clear on what is due each week. And follow the rubrics exactly in order to get A's on all your assignments. There is a 10 week journal to complete that is due in the l...
  10. emmjayy

    Electrophysiology Resource Book

    Hi! I am not really sure where to put this thread, since EP stuff doesn't quiiiite fit with cardiovascular critical care, but this seems like the best spot! I am leaving my job in a medical ICU to work in the EP lab. I have plenty of skills related ...
  11. emmjayy

    GCU RN-BSN 2019 Capstone

    They did! I am officially finished with school! Happy, happy day :)
  12. emmjayy

    GCU RN-BSN 2019 Capstone

    Cross your fingers for me..... I apparently screwed up and didn't submit some B.S. documentation in the appropriate folder with one day to go in the class and no option to re-submit.... so am now waiting on tenterhooks to find out if I am going to be...
  13. emmjayy

    MICU Report/Brain sheets

    I don't know how to upload my sheet, but I like to know drips, lines, drains, vent settings, diet (usually a tube feed), skin issues, Tmax, blood sugar frequency, rhythm, lung sounds for previous nurse, last neuro assessment findings of previous nurs...
  14. emmjayy

    What does the floor really think of nursing students?

    This student was on their very final clinical placement, for which this school of nursing does not require a clinical instructor's physical presence. They come up periodically during the week to see how the student has been doing, but it's an experie...
  15. emmjayy

    What does the floor really think of nursing students?

    I've had mixed experiences with the students I've gotten. Very rarely do I get a student that I enjoy and get to teach things to. Most of the time they are just lazy and on their phones constantly. I hate that and I will give any student who does tha...