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Should I take Anatomy and physiology 2 and microbiology together?


I'm basically done with all of my pre required classes for nursing. I am currently taking anatomy and physiology , at the moment, and I'm doing well. So now the only class's i have remaining are: micro and ap2. I would hate taking micro in the summer. Since there is only a limited amount. I was trying to out weight the risks: Micro in the summer means, only one and a half month to learn all of the material. Micro in the spring with the combination of Ap2, means: 4 1/2 months to know both subjects.

What do you think, have any of you taken these two tough courses together?


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If you only plan on taking the two courses, I say go for it! I took A&P I and Chemistry, as well as two other non-science courses, and managed to pull out a 4.0. If you have excellent study skills, you'll do just fine. I'm in Micro now, and find the class fascinating. And, we're rarely in the lab for the entire 3 hours.

Good luck!

There's no way I would do that! A&P is really tough and so is micro. I took micro this passed summer because I didn't want to take it with A&P or nursing. If you think you can handle it then go for it. I should say I didn't do as well as I would've hoped in micro because I think it was in the summer and it's like 6 weeks....soooo much info in that short time didn't work for me. But I wouldn't change it because if I took them together I might've done not so good in both. So I don't know....good luck figuring it out!

Thats a lot of information and you will have you mind on overload big time. Only you know if you will be able to manage it and Im sure it has been done before. I personally wouldn't take them both together.

Good Luck!

I'm taking Micro now and I don't find it as challenging as A&P. I think its doable in the summer IMO. A&P II, I would take by itself. I would not take it with Micro. Your mileage may vary, but A&P required a ton of my time and I did not want any other science taking away from that time.

I would not recommend any 2 sciences. However, if you do not work then you can pull it off. I worked part time, took A&P2 and Micro together, and I struggled. It was tough to juggle them both. Even though I got an A in A&P2, I got a B in Micro (when I know I would have gotten an A) if I had dedicated more time to it. That hurt!

I think the worst part is having a test in both classes on the same day or worst having the practical in both classes on the same day....nightmare!

The answer to your question depends on whether or not you work, and how much time you're able AND willing to devote to studying outside class, and what other classes you'll be taking.

A little background: I recently quit my job and went back to school full-time (started this past summer) to get a nursing degree. This would be my second degree. I held a corporate job for 10 years before I decided to change careers. So it's been over 10 years since I graduated from college. Not too long ago but not very recent, either.

This past summer, I took Gen. Biology, A&P1 and Amer. History. This Fall I'm taking A&P2, microbiology and chemistry. So far, I have A's in all of them. Now, mind you that I've decided not to work to load up on classes and get my pre-reqs done as quickly as possible so I can apply to the program in the Spring. (I've saved up enough to live on while going to school.) So yes, it's doable but I must say it can be tough, especially when you have exams scheduled all on the same week or back-to-back. I wouldn't recommend taking both in the summer. There's a LOT of information you have to digest in both A&P2 and micro. There has been several instances where my A&P2 and micro exams were scheduled on the same day, one after another. Those could get crazy, but like I said, it's doable. You'll just have to make some sacrifices and study obsessively to get good grades, especially getting into the nursing program is highly competitive.

Another thing to consider is your performance. Since you said you're doing well in your A&P class, then you won't have a problem with the second one. However, are you taking another class right now? If so, is it a science course? Answers to these questions will help you gauge your load capacity.

Taking micro and A&P at the same time is beneficial too, in my opinion. There are some similar topics (e.g. immunology, metabolism) that they share but on different levels. You can easily relate both classes, which can help you learn the material.

Good luck! :)

My advice is dont. Im taking Anatomy and Physiology right now and Im not doing so well. I have a D in anatomy. I did bad on my first exams. I also have a D in Micro. BUt now im studyin everyday for anatomy and i just need to do good on my next 2 exams to get a C in Anatomy and Physiology.

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I enjoyed taking A&P and micro together. At my school, we have one micro instructor and I had to get it in when it wouldn't conflict with any other classes. Micro had lectures on M/W/F and labs on Tu/Thu so it just happened to fit nicely in my schedule when I was taking A&P II and developmental psych. I had 3 other classmates taking the same classes and we all did fine.


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I took A&P 1 and 2 during two consecutive summer sessions and Micro during a semester, all while working full-time and I pulled all A's. I'm grateful for having taken it this way because in the end nursing schools are impressed with the grade one receives, not the fact that one was able to take them both at the same time. Unless of course, you DO take them in the same semester and pull A's, then that is great evidence of academic strength for your essay.

Only you know yourself and whether you can accomplish the feat. I know myself and this is why my plan worked out best for me. And I was not comfortable, with good reason, gambling my grades for the sake of finishing prereqs faster.


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I just finished taking both A&P2 and Micro together and it was actually not bad at all. In fact taking both together actually helped reinforce some information that was found in both classes (Micro really helped with my A&P2 case studies) so I say go for it and Good Luck!

having a solid background in nutrition, sexuality/reproduction, and micro will help you in APII

I just finished APII and I had taken all three of the courses I mentioned above and they were related directly to APII. My APII professor was excellent and I recorded his lectures, perhaps ill organize them someday to share with the student community.

I'm glad you asked this, I'll be in the same boat next semester! I was thrilled to see the responses for pro and con. I, like you, want to get into the program ASAP, so doing my pre-reqs in 2 semesters is necessary. I've got 4.0 this sem with A&PI, int. Algebra, Sociology and English I. Next semester I only need A&P2,Micro, and College Algebra so I'm doing fitness to make up the other credit to keep me full time! At least I'll get some exercise out of it, and hopefully it won't require actual study time!! Good luck to you!

I think it depends you what you can handle, period! School comes easy for some & not so easy for others (like myself....lol) I would never recommend taking any 2 sciences together. It is very difficult and a lot of memorization. Also, do you go to school on a quarter system or a semester system? Instructor's pay a huge role in your success as well. We all are adults and have to be responsible for our own success, but the way information is presented and a teachers commitment to see students do well plays a huge role also. I wanted to "hurry" and get done. Well that "hurry" hurt me in the long run. When I took A&PI 4 yrs ago, I took it 3 times (Drop, then failed, then passed) on the quarter system and only passed w/a "C". I decided to change to another school that was on a semester system, did much better, and had the most wonderful teacher. Either you know it or you don't! But she was there when we had questions and explained it in a way that we understood it. I got an "A" in A&P II lab & a "B" in A&P II lec. Had a different instructor for Microbiology and got an "A" in lab & "B" in Lec (I am a better hands on learner). I already have a degree in Psychology & work full time in the ER. Not working was not an option for me. It has been along hard road for many of us to get to the "application process"!! Keep pursuing your Nursing dreams!!!! :yeah:


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It's up to you to know what you can handle. I took A&PII and Micro together at night (4 nights a week for 14 weeks) and worked 50+ hours/week, along with kids, wife, house, etc. It can be done, but it won't be easy. If you NEED to do it, then go for it. If not, then don't kill yourself. I did it because I had to get those two classes done to begin my program on time. It sucked, but I knew what I had to do. I earned an A in APII and a B+ in Micro (missed a lab test due to a family death). I am now in my second term of nursing school.

You can do it!

I have enjoyed reading the pro's and con's as wel. Personally for myself I work full time and have a little one at home. Mixing in all those classes at once would have me left bald!

Since I am not in a hurry I plan to space each class out per semester. Will take me longer, but hopefully this go around will be successful.

I think it really depends on the type of instructors that you have. Both classes are pretty challenging. They require alot of study time if you want to do well. If you're a dedicated full time student, it might not be as challenging but if you're a working student.. I would really consider taking them seperate.

Thanks for posting. I've enjoyed reading everyone's advice/perspective. I'm planning on taking a&p 2 along with micro in the spring...maybe.