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i was wondering if anyone had any info on selective it is risky is it....and where it is done in the midwest (ie ohio, indiana, kentucky,michigan) many fetuses do they go down to? i would appreciate all the help i can get

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If I can ask, what prompts the question? Do you know someone who has to consider that option? It would seem such a difficult thing to do..Maybe if you gave some background you would get some more replies...

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I watched a program on tv several years ago about multiple births, mom was told

that it was better, as the it's hard to carry four to term.

He injected kcl into the hearts of two of the fetuses, they showed the doc doing it on ultrasound. He just picked the two he could reach the easiest.They were pretty small at that time.

We had the survivor of a set of four here. Selectively reduced to two and lost the third a little later. #4 was about 35 weeks at delivery. I think the others were absorbed as she didn't go into labor for them.

What nice words "selective reduction" to describe killing innocent babies. Too many babies from a purposeful procedure and then the extras are killed off.


It does seem strange doesn't it, that an infertal woman goes to science to help her conceive, she wants to be a mother, but only if it is exactly on her terms, the exact way she wants it.

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I am sooooo gonna stay outa this one.

Here are a few websites on selective reduction. I hope this helps in some way and will give you the information you are looking for.

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Selective Reduction

Selective Reduction - A Painful Choice

Multifetal Pregnancy Reduction (Selective Reduction)

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Interesting that this thread came up again. I notice that the person who started this never posted anywhere afterwards.

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This is soon followed by absorption of the products of conception by the body. Properly performed by an expert, selective reduction of pregnancy rarely (2 to 7% of cases) results in total loss of the pregnancy.
Quoted this from the "selective reduction" link...

Sounds simply glorious. After they kill the babies, they're now referred to as "the products of conception."

How many hours/weeks/months of meetings were required to come up with these pleasant sounding names for such a ghastly procedure. Murder of innocent children=selective reduction of the products of conception. Turns my stomach.

At least they'll have peace in heaven, these poor innocent babies.

I feel sad that people lash out at this topic. Not that I agree with the procedure but we don't know the circumstances behind it either.

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Why is it sad? We feel anger at people who appear to kill unborn babies that they are saying that they want?????? Makes no sense to me? I have lost two babies and one grandbaby and the very thought of anybody CHOOSING to kill off one or two or three makes me ill.

This thread is 5 years old. It started in 1998. I wonder whatever happened to this person. Too bad she was scared off. I have my own opinions too , but this is America we live in and the sad fact is this is her choice.Maybe it's the infertility industry that doesn't always act responsibly when it implants so many fetuses into the uterus at once. They are a better target than some poor person desparate for a baby that may have limited financial means. This is a multi-million dollar industry that although it fulfills some people's dreams, makes a great deal of $ from couples' heartache. If person is infertile, then they are a desparate person and they deserve a little compassion, esp. from those of us who are supposed to be in the business of being compas-sionate and sensitive to the needs of others. Personally, I hope that this person is mom to a healthy set of pre-schoolers today and that she made the choice to carry all of the babies and had a good outcome.

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