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I've been surfing the net for info about adult onset one time only seizures.

Not much found yet, so I come to all you wonderfully observant nurses. Any sites I can peruse?

I had a seizure at work last Friday at about 5 a.m. No warning. No history. Full-blown seizure and was unconscious for about 15 minutes.

Needless to say, I've had an MRI on Friday which was normal and an EEG on Monday, but I have not seen these results yet.

I've heard that this is not that unusual . . .one seizure, no cause found, no more seizures. I'm leaving tomorrow for So. Cal with my eldest son and toddler and I am not released to drive yet. Should be fun. (ha ha).

Thanks for any info you may have . . .and no blaming my posts on the terrorism thread on my seizure:chuckle


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Yikes! Glad that you're o.k. Sorry even though I put in three years in neuro med-surg seizures are still a mystery to me. Just wanted to wish you well.

I hope the trip to Cali. is a pleasure trip.

Glad you are ok, I have read somewhere, (will try to find journal)

that 80% of the population will have some unexplained seizures

at some point in their lives. Who knows???

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Lots of luck!!! I hope it turns out OK ((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))

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Thanks . . . that is basically the info I'm getting too. That it is pretty common. Scary, but common.


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Glad you are doing ok. You really just needed some time off work, but it's a dreadful way to get it!

Is this #1 son or #2 son that's going down south? Have a good time and behave yourself.


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Hi Mimi . . . well, my goal is to stay at home with my kids and not work at all but you are right . . . .seizures are not the way to go about it. :-) Still have a headache.

Son #1, the 20 year old. Son #2 is working in the woods with Dad. Daughter just took her lamb into the fairgrounds with the help of Son #1. The fair is this week and I will miss that. Hopefully we will get back before Monday, when she sells her lamb. Son #3 and I are flying from Burbank to Sac and then someone will have to come and get me unless the doc clears me to drive. Whoa, a Californian without a car . . . I think that may just be a crime.

Thanks - let me know when you get up here. Have fun on the rest of vacation. :D



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when I was in nursing school, one of my classmates had a siezure. It sounds alot like yours. She lost consiusness and had some difficulty breathing. Shge had never had one before. They ran tests but didn't find anything. The only unusual thing that had happened was she was bitten by some sort of bug earlier that day. She didn't know what bit her. She was wearing sandals and found the bite on her foot. I've lost touch with her so I don't know if she has had one since.

Good luck.


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Steph, I sent you a pm.


passing thru

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Wish I could be of help.

Don't know about adults having a "0ne-time seizure".

Thank goodness the MRI was negative. I guess they did a whole bunch of labs?

We had a pt. a couple of months ago whose Na -sodium was 120 or 121. He had seized and the doc wrote in the progress notes/history......seizure brought on by low sodium. That was NEWS to me....I 'd never heard of such a thing....lo and behold, within two weeks, we had another pt with the exact same thing !

So, if you r lytes, glucose, etc, were all wnl, i'd want to be checked out for an infection ....UTI etc. UTI 's CAN BE

"silent".. no fever, no sitting on the potty all day, and then,

out of the blue....WHAM !

that's all the info I know.....check for sinus, urinary tract, and any other inection anywhere..........

Hope this is the end of it for you.....

have a great trip !


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Electrolytes and hydration were the first things I thought of as well.

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My blood sugar was 138 (it is never high and I just had a cup of coffee with vanilla/caramel creamer from the employee refrig) and my sodium was also high which is unusual for me.

It's a mystery so far . . . . I should find out my EEG results today. I can tell you it is difficult to live without driving. My daughter has a horseshow at the fair today at 8 a.m. and I sent my sons out to get her horse and take the horse into the fairgrounds. Then the eldest drives the 18 year old to another ranch to pick up a truck and trailer for his truck driving test at the DMV which is 75 miles away. He starts driving in our local mint harvest (the job he is supposed to make $10,000). When they get back, my eldest and I head out on our trip to So. Cal to get him installed in college. We will stop in Sac tonight and stay with my best friend. And I cannot drive yet . . . .arrgghh.

I did find some sites last night and got a bit more insight into what happened to me. Thanks for all your hints . . .

Stay away from vanilla/caramel creamer :D


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