What would you buy?

  1. If you had money left in your school budget, what would you buy?
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  3. by   OldDude
    How much money are you talking about?
  4. by   ruby_jane
    I just bough tourniquets and a product called Bleed-cease (I think) as I had $300 in the budget left unspent. In years past when I had smaller amounts I invested in :

    Personal size deodorant (I've made several kids very happy)
    Underwear (necessity for teenage females)
    New automatic BP cuff (so my aide can start a vitals check if I'm not there)
    Ketosticks, a new glucometer and the corresponding strips (because kids forget and occasionally faculty do to)
    A set of "name that rash" picture flash cards (because I am bad at the "name that rash" game)

    Have fun, whatever you buy!
  5. by   KKEGS
    When this has happened in the past we have purchased a new wheelchair as ours at my middle school was falling apart. And we used some money at my elementary school to replenish our supply of socks, underwear and tshirts. We also bought big bottles of Tylenol, Tums and ibuprofen for staff to use (we don't do stock meds in Minnesota for students).
  6. by   Hometeam
    About $200
  7. by   iggywench
    If I had extra money, I would stock up on things that aren't necessary, but are nice to have, like lip balm, glasses cleaning wipes, dental floss, extra screws for glasses, etc.
  8. by   nursekoll
    On my wish list this year is a digital scale, updated thermometers, CPR barrier keychains for all staff, and a pulse oximeter!
  9. by   grammy1
    We had that happen a few years ago and bought an all-in-one printer, fax, scanner, copier. I'm pretty far away from the main building, so it's nice to have the fax and the scanner. Actually, the scanner part has been my favorite and saved loads of paper.
  10. by   dd_txlvn
    I bought a counter-top ice maker and a 3 panel screen. My clinic has curtains, but sometimes,(like flu shot clinic or spinal screenings) we aren't in my clinic. and I'm just plain tired of cracking ice trays for ice packs.
  11. by   WineRN
    I really want a new scale
  12. by   Amethya
    Tissues because of these dang allergy students.