Some people are just plain rude!

  1. Some people are just plain rude! The anesthesiologist came in before my husband's procedure yesterday to go over everything. He leans over, looking over his glasses to look at my badge, and asks, "Oh, where do you work?" He said, "A school you're like the 'mall cop' of nurses?" Seriously? #condescendingtwit #blesshisheart
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  3. by   kidzcare
    Ug. How rude. I hope you corrected him.

    I posted on FB a few days ago that I finished my school nurse certification and a woman that I used to work with (in a non healthcare setting) is also now a nurse and living in another part of the country posted "That's great! No you can hand out crackers to tummy aches! That's what SNs do here!" I replied that I have been a SN for 5 years and that there is quite a bit more to it. I was fuming.
  4. by   WineRN
    Quote from HburgRN07
    the 'mall cop' of nurses?"

    I hope you were able to say something witty back.
    I'm the worst at comebacks. My inlaws insult me every time I see them and I always think of the perfect response...when we are on the way home.
  5. by   HburgRN07
    I tried, but unfortunately, it fell on deaf ears. He still thinks you're supposed to give aspirin to children. I gave him a little grace and hope that he was just having a bad day. It floored me that he would even say something like that. Joking or not, this is my profession and I take it very seriously.
  6. by   KKEGS
    When I worked NICU people just thought I rocked babies all day. Yep, I spent $70,000 and 5 years in school to rock babies and change diapers.
  7. by   JenTheSchoolRN
    After that aspirin remark, I might have said "well, clearly pediatrics wasn't for you after that order, I guess." Or probably thought in my head since the guy was taking care of my loved one. Grrr.

    People suck. But no one in my school would ever want to trade jobs with me. They would last a hot second.
  8. by   MHDNURSE
    So rude!!! Yeah, I get asked even by my friends if I actually do "nursing" stuff in this job
  9. by   NurseBeans
    Whatever. This "mall cop" never works weekends, holidays, nights, or during the summer.

  10. by   Blue_Moon
    You should've said "speaking from someone who watches people sleep!" However, if you're like me, you wouldn't think of that until they've left.

    I think some people are just plain jealous. Other people are just uneducated. Some just rude. It does get frustrating though.
  11. by   MrNurse(x2)
    I would have bluntly said "that was rude", he probably had no clue he was. Others look down on everyone and it doesn't matter.
  12. by   kidzcare
    A lot of times, people say things because they think it's something funny to say and don't realize that it is hurtful.

    I can say, for sure, that I am positive that I hurt a lot of people's feelings in my life just to say something funny. Not because I wanted to hurt anyone but because I have always been very witty and degrading jokes get laughs. I had a big realization on this about 5 years ago- meaning I realized that I was insulting people when I was really just hoping to make them laugh. When we know better, we do better.

    This is a great example of the impact of someone's words/actions being as important as the intent. It's important to think about how words affect the people who hear them (no matter how many people want to say that it's too PC and that only snowflakes get offended by such things)
  13. by   Nurse in MT
    My OB's nurse once said. "Oh wow. You really do have use your nursing skills." Um... Yes?

    TID tube feed, BID straight cath... Broken bones (Monday), Seizures (Monday); organizing and managing multiple immunization clinics, health, and dental screenings; education in the classroom (health & hygiene, growth & development, hand washing, diabetes, CPR); delegation to my full-time CNA; attending kindergarten round-up; assessments, assessments, assessments!!! Oh, and we pass scheduled meds too.

    I just sent a kid home for minor concussion symptoms and recommendation to go to a walk-in clinic 1/2 way through this post.

    But we aren't real nurses.
  14. by   momto5RN
    What an ass!!! I hope I'm allowed to say this on here. I am so tired of people I know or went to nursing school with who think school nursing is not "real" nursing. I have a friend from nursing school who works in the ICU and another friend from high school that is a nurse on a Neuro floor and they are constantly joking around how what I do is "fluff" work and place band aids and kiss boo-boos all day (actual wording from the neuro nurse!). I have an amazing nursing professor that I still keep in contact with (literally like a second mother to me) and she was a former school nurse. She saw a comment that one of them said to me on Facebook in regards to a post I made about my life as a school nurse. And boy did she rip them!! It was fun to read, lol!