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  1. How long must school health office records be kept for students? This does not include immunization records.
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  3. by   aprilmoss
    Most records I archive at the end of the year. They get dumped when the student leaves the system (graduates high school or transfers). I think they keep them a year in case anybody wants to have them tranferred). The only thing I keep are things that are the active student health history report and last years IEP, IHP, etc... (handy to have going forward into the next one).
  4. by   grammy1
    We have state guidelines for how long to keep things. There is a General Records Schedule on our state website. I would search for that or contact the school district office.
  5. by   SaltineQueen
    It might vary by state. Without recalling specifics my requirements are either 3 years, 7 years, until the student leaves the district, or indefinately.
  6. by   tdean13
    Thanks for your reply. I did look at the state website, and it appears that health records are part of the permanent record and must be kept for 60 years after graduation or leaving the school system.....
  7. by   JenTheSchoolRN
    In my state every school record must be kept for 7 years, including the health record. How long does your school have to keep student records after they leave or graduate?

    I also give my seniors their own health physical health records during their exit interview at my school.

    Edit: wow - 60 years??
  8. by   KKEGS
    Our state lets the school district decide and our district keeps them for 7 years.
  9. by   Windchaser22
    In New Jersey it's 100 years.
  10. by   tdean13
    WOW! That is crazy!
  11. by   JenTheSchoolRN
    Quote from Windchaser22
    In New Jersey it's 100 years.
    I'm not sure they would hold up unless stored properly, which how and with what space?
  12. by   OyWithThePoodles
    We scan everything in electronically and it is uploaded to their record. We also have it saved electronically in a file that all the district nurses share. Then we shred.
  13. by   peacockblue
    We keep for 2 years. If they drop out, I keep till they are 21 just in case they return. I'm in Pennsylvania.
  14. by   Windchaser22
    Quote from JenTheSchoolRN
    I'm not sure they would hold up unless stored properly, which how and with what space?
    I think everything gets archived in a place called iron mountain. I know schools keep the records for a looong time before they are sent out because not too long ago I needed a copy of my graduation cert and immunizations from way back in the early 80's and my old HS had it within a day. I was also able to get a copy of hand written immunizations from my elementary school in the early 70's.