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  1. Good Morning Occupational Health Nurses! I am a school nurse for the past 15 years, prior to that I had a few years of Occupational Health Nurse experience. That being said....I am finding school administrators asking school nurses to assess students for possibly being under the influence of marijuana or alcohol! This is new to me, and the nurses are not trained or experienced in any way to determine if someone is or is not under the influence. By the way, there is no policy. Please Advise! Thanks so much!
  2. tdean13

    Drug/Alcohol assessment?

    Good Morning fellow school nurses! I am curious if any of you have been asked to assess students for being under the influence of marijuana or alcohol? If so, do you have specific training or credentials? Is this your school policy?
  3. tdean13

    school health office records

    WOW! That is crazy!
  4. tdean13

    school health office records

    Thanks for your reply. I did look at the state website, and it appears that health records are part of the permanent record and must be kept for 60 years after graduation or leaving the school system.....
  5. tdean13

    school health office records

    How long must school health office records be kept for students? This does not include immunization records.
  6. tdean13

    Stop the Bleed

    Oh, it is unfortunate that you were not given a kit for each school. Our local community hospital received a grant to provide all of my schools with one kit each. My understanding is that the kits are around 70.00 each. I plan to start by training each nurse in each school but would also like to have a power point that could be included in the beginning of the year trainings that everyone completes.
  7. tdean13

    Stop the Bleed

    Has anyone attended the "Stop the Bleed" training and if so, how do you plan to train/prepare your building staff?
  8. In addition, students with allergies are not included in FERPA, as everyone needs to know who they are.
  9. tdean13

    Health History to determine IEP Eligibility?

    I only ask for prenatal/birth history if the IEP is for an early childhood student. Beyond EC age it is not really relevant.
  10. tdean13

    New to High school Nursing

    I worked PRN at the hospital for 10 years while also working as a school nurse until recently. It is doable.
  11. tdean13

    Illinois Asthma Protocol

    Are there any Illinois Nurses implementing the new Illinois Asthma Episode Emergency Response protocol? If so, what training methods do you plan to use for school staff?