Over reacting Principals

  1. Hello fellow school nurses. The parents at my school has the Principal and Vice Principal on pins and needles and scared senseless. It's like any student that comes in my office to see me about anything, the Principal and Vice Principal is always at my door panicking. I mean it's ok to check on students but they do toooooo much. I can be in the process of asking students question (doing my assessment) or just about to call mom or dad when the Principal and Vice Principal pops out of nowhere. Does anyone else Principals react like this. I just want to do my job
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  3. by   Nurse in MT
    No, I'm given the autonomy to do my job. You need to have a sit-down with the principal and vice-principal and find out what's up, and explain your needs in order to provide the best care possible... to prevent more parent problems!
  4. by   KKEGS
    Nope. My principals trust me to know what I'm doing.
  5. by   mrsfoster601
    Quote from kschenz
    Nope. My principals trust me to know what I'm doing.
    I don't think its about trust. The parents at this school have them scared senseless because the parents are up here at the school about any and everything. And always yelling at the pricipals
  6. by   Tencat12
    Oh yeah. Mine like to throw me under the bus regularly......CYA!
  7. by   OldDude
    My principal and assistant principal seldom talk to me about student health...other stuff yes, but they are fine with me taking responsibility for that department. And that's the way I like it.
  8. by   Spidey's mom
    One elementary school principal was just like this . . . so I'm very glad to not be working there anymore. I've already ranted about her so I'll leave it at that.

  9. by   ruby_jane
    When my principal is on campus, it's not uncommon for her to pop her head in the clinic if she knows that someone she knows is in here. The question asked the most is: "Does he/she need to go home/go by ambulance?" My usual answer is: I'm assessing it, I'll tell you in a few minutes. She wants to feel like she knows what's happening on campus. I'm a small part of it but we do have a set of highly involved parents.

    The occasional annoyance of having an assessment interrupted is outweighed by the fact that when I need her there stat (to call a parent, to get an inhaler out of a PE locker that's half a mile away) she'll do it.

    But I hear you. You are doing your job. They are covering their assets. It's an unfortunate situation that the leaders aren't being allowed to lead.
  10. by   MHDNURSE
    I remember the principal telling me at my interview "The reason we hire a nurse is so that the teachers can teach, the students can learn, and administration can do their jobs". That is how is should be, not what you are describing. My guess is either something has happened recently or even in the past where a parent threatened to sue or something, or your school has an unusually high number of helicopter parents and you are stuck with micromanaging administration. That blows
  11. by   bsyrn
    I am lucky, my Principals only assist when asked to! I am sorry yours are so in your business.
  12. by   tamarae1
    Passive aggressive helicopter admin. Will leave it there.
  13. by   scuba nurse
    I am pretty much left alone, unless there is a student with lice, then they go all crazy and make me check everyone. Otherwise, I call them when I have issues with kids not wanting to go back to class.
  14. by   MrNurse(x2)
    We have two Principals. One is here day to day and is involved with students. She leaves me to work. The other does fundraising and community presence, he is always inquiring about students that see me when he is in the building. Those times are few and I don't mind, I know his "thing" is to be able to show parents that we are that involved with their children. Private school problem/ issue.