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I really enjoy some of my parents. This exchange just makes me giggle.. Me: Hello, is this Mrs. Darling? Mom: Yes. Me: I need you to come pick up Little Darling, he is running a fever. (History... Read More

  1. by   kidzcare
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    I think I am going to use this next time my students come in with "stupid" injuries.
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    Sounds funny but I foresee a student going home and telling not so cute parents "The nurse called me stupid"

    The closest I have come to calling a student stupid was when I was cleaning a kid's arm after he did the "eraser challenge" and have a 2 inch friction burn on his arm that was hurting. As I cleaned it with saline and put a bandage on, I told him "Repeat after me 'This was a bad idea. I will never do this stupid thing again and I will stop my friends if I see them doing this stupid thing'"
  2. by   KeeperOfTheIceRN
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    I called a dad because his 5th grader was c/o stomach ache. The kid appeared totally fine, but his buddy had gone home for a stomach ache the day before (buddy had a fever and vomited in my office), but his "belly hurt" and he would not stay in class.
    "Mr. SoAndSo, Timmy is c/o of a belly ache. He appears okay, no fever, ate lunch and went to recess, but he keeps coming back to my office, so I figured it was time to let you know."
    Dad: "Tell him to knock it the hell off. Can you say Hell? You have my permission to say Hell to my kid"
    Me: trying not to die laughing "How about I put him on the phone and you tell him to knock it the hell off?"

    One of the best phone calls ever
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    One of my favorites (though I was quite frustrated with the student since he came to my office easily 10x a week) was a junior high boy who was consistently going for the shock factor came in and told me his penis hurt. I asked if he had injured himself and he said no. So I said, all we can do is call home

    Me: Snowflake is in my office and says that he is having pain to his private parts but that he didn't get hit in the groin or anything.
    Mom: Oh, Gawd... I don't know. Maybe he's been pulling on it too hard.
    Me: Well.... I'm not sure. As long has there hasn't been a traumatic injury to his groin, I'm not going to take a look, but if it continues you may want to call his physician
    Mom: I have 3 other boys. It'll continue.

    This is quickly becoming one of my favorite threads!!! Awesome parents for the win!
  3. by   KKEGS
    I had to call a parent to bring in a new pair of shoes for a 5th grader who, along with a large group of other students, decided it would be a fantastic idea to play in the large rain puddle that had formed on the sandy infield of the playground baseball field. Mom works from home and was just as nice as she good be on the phone and brought in the shoes. When she got there she handed the shoes over and then pointed at me while giving her daughter The Look and said, "Do you see this nurse? She does not have time to deal with your shenanigans!" I loved that mom.
  4. by   JenTheSchoolRN
    I once had a student come and see me at about 30 minutes before dismissal. She was definitely legit, looked terrible. I called her mom, who is also a school nurse.

    Me: I have your daughter here, she isn't feeling very well and --
    Mom: (Interrupts me) Why? I told her to never visit the nurse during the last hour of the school day!

    I just had to laugh and further explained it was legit and I thought someone might want to grab here just before the bustle of dismissal. She laughed with me.
  5. by   LikeTheDeadSea
    Student just needed some parent reassurance that they were fine and head back to class. Parent agreed and got on phone with student.
    Student hangs up with dad:

    Little Darling: "My dad told me he knows what will make me feel better..."
    Me: "And what's that?"
    Little Darling: "...if you give me a dollar."

    I have never laughed so hard in my life. I triage'd my next 2 kiddos laughing between questions.
  6. by   moreoreo
    Just wanted to throw out there, that sometimes you have such a run of not-so-nice parents that when you encounter one normal one who says the words "thank you" you have to savor that for a while. A smile and basic manners are enough to warm my heart these days.
  7. by   Amethya
    LD comes in because his wrists hurt.

    Me: "Why does your wrists hurt? Did you fall on it? Did you get hit?"
    LD: "I hit it with this *Shows rubberband* and now it hurts.

    *L wrist is slightly red.*

    Me: ....Really? You did this yourself, dude. *Hands ice pack*

    LD: "Can I go?"

    Me: "Nope, you have to stay here with an ice pack, you can't take it to class."

    *I start to dial his mom's number*

    LD: Are you calling my mom? No! don't call my mom!"

    Me: I have to because it's protocol. Plus your mom needs to know that you did to yourself.

    *Mom Answers*
    *I go with my scripted greeting*

    Me: LD is here because he hit himself with a rubber band on his wrist and how he's complaining it hurts.
    Mom: ******* it... Tell him stupid is as stupid does.
    Me: You want to tell him yourself?

    *LD on phone while mom is telling him off*

    Mom: I'm so sorry Ms. Amethya, that my son is doing dumb things and taking up your time.
    Me: It's okay, I get this basically all day, mostly kids wanting to go home for small things.
    Mom: You got your hands full.
    Me: You got that right!

    *We laugh and hang up*

    Student sits for a while, then goes to class. "BUT MISS, IT HURTS!"
  8. by   cooties_are_real
    Had to call a mom due to LD being dizzy after a workout in athletics. (First real workout in about 3-4 wks due to holiday and snow days.)

    Me: LD was dizzy after athletics. Gave him lunch and he has returned to class. Just wanted you to know about his visit.

    Mom: Well, he just laid around while we were off. That's what he gets for being out of shape.

    Go MoM!!!!
  9. by   Amethya
    I posted this on C'Mon post, but I had a student yesterday come in crying for some unknown reason. Teachers were worried, I was worried. I called mom, mom stated that student has been upset since that morning because she didn't want to wear her shoes. what?

    Mom: She doesn't like the color pink, so she doesn't like her new shoes. She threw a tantrum and would not stop crying all the way to school.

    I hung up and I look at LD. She does a small smile, like "Oh you caught me."

    Me: Really? Shoes? What color do you like?

    LD: Red.

    Me: Well Pink is RED and white, so you're good. Do you have other shoes besides these?

    LD: No. (Mind you they are expensive Jordans)

    Me: Then suck it up until this weekend when you can exchange them. ok? You can go back to class.