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Just curious as to whether the majority of school nurses are salaried or hourly. & what the average hourly pay rate or salary is for rural schools. I'm honestly just curious to see if what I make... Read More

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    Sums it up.
    Every now and then I consider some other job that pays the same and wouldn't result in my name being thrown around facebook when I fail to satisfy a snowflake. You know, like overnights at the gas station with a good book.
    I have seen this in my town where I live (I work in a different district) and I cannot get over how awful and unprofessional it is. A few months ago some mother bashed one of our elementary school nurses and accused her of mismanaging her kid's T1D- all over Facebook. It ended up backfiring because that school nurse has a great track record and thankfully many parents came to her defense. But seriously if I were her I would be tempted to sue for slander. I mean some of the things she said were outrageous!