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  1. How do you get paid?

    WOW....feeling really under appreciated here! LOL LVN in rural Texas. 6th year here, 19,500 a year.
  2. Excelsior and Texans

    Any Texas people currently enrolled in Excelsior?
  3. Any Texas People?

    Hello Everyone, I've noticed that there seems like there isn't as much traffic on this thread anymore...Are there any current Excelsior students from Texas?
  4. If I hear Flu one more time..

    Sometimes it's not worth the breath to try to correct it..Well, if you are anything like me...I dunno what I'm talking about...until there's blood or vomit involved....LOL
  5. If I hear Flu one more time..

    Eek! I think I may take the flu..
  6. Texas-Excelsior-2017

    Nope, Nope...Texas is Home
  7. If I hear Flu one more time..

    Hello All! Just a rant..because I know yall will understand :) We have just had the year that keeps on giving....flu has been rampant and we are still seeing more confirmed. Eh, 17 days...
  8. Texas-Excelsior-2017

    Thank you! I've tried going to sunset commissions website. I don't hardly understand all the mumbo jumbo legal stuff. It sounds like it won't be anything to worry about, but since I'm just starting still makes me a little nervous. Appreciate it!
  9. Texas-Excelsior-2017

    Hello All, I'm currently a LVN looking to apply for Excelsior to finish my RN. However, I noticed during the paperwork process that their is a bill up for discussion again at the legislature in Texas regarding Excelsior. I've contacted the committee ...
  10. Job interview this week!

    Good LUCK! Keep us updated! :)
  11. school nurses salary. LVNs

    Every Month
  12. school nurses salary. LVNs

    I'm in Texas and my pay is $17, 500 a year. Ouch...that hurt to say out loud! LOL I'm fortunate that I don't "have" to work so the time off and not having to pay daycare for our kids works out for me.
  13. New School Nurse. Help with immunizations!!!!

    I'm in Texas too and also landed a school job right out of nursing school (BLESSED)! I pretty much stalk all of the sweet people on here for companionship and advice and to make myself feel like someone understands after a particularly stressful day....
  14. Hours

    Thank you all! I've always heard "flexible" but I wondered exactly what that meant. Currently work in a school district. WONDERFUL and love it so much. Time off is great. LOVE the kids. Money is terrible. 17k a year. Don't want to be greedy...because...
  15. Hours

    LVN in Texas looking for a change. Have 2 kiddos, age 7 and almost one and unfortunately we live far away from family. What are your hours in Home Health like? How do you handle child care? Just looking at options. Thanks!