End of year

  1. For those of you not drowning beneath all of the field day scrapes and bruises, how do you prepare for end of year?

    I feel like I should be doing something.
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  3. by   OldDude
    We disassemble the computers, clear the desk and counter tops and floors for summer cleaning. Otherwise, I walk away until August. the office staff is here for 3 more weeks and they have a key to give medicine to parents that may happen by to pick it up. When I come back, I see what medicine is left and deal with it then.
  4. by   palli
    I put away everything on my desk and shelves. Lock up all the extra meds, let office staff now if parents come to get it, they can hand it to them. I do not show up again until the day we start our two day staff orientation.

    I leave a basket in main office for any mail/physicals, immunes etc I receive over the summer. office staff knows they are not taking any medication over the summer to hold onto until sept.
    pretty much it..
  5. by   plainfieldguy
    If you're looking for something to do....
    -Start making a list of supplies for Fall...place an order now if you have the funds available!
    -Check exp dates on clinic meds, AED pads, etc. and place your order if necessary
    -Pack up clinic paperwork for storage (if your not computerized)
    -De-clutter and organize the clinic so you'll be ready to go next year without much hassle
    -Do you send home any paperwork/packets in the fall? Get the master copy organized...
    -Do you give a presentation to the staff/faculty? Make your outline, powerpoint...
    -Make a list of students with chronic health problems (diab, epis, etc.) so you can touch base with their families the first day...
    -Unplug/defrost/turn off refrigerator and/or ice machine
    -Set dates for next year's hearing/vision/BMI screenings... get them on the calendar to reserve your days!
  6. by   jess11RN
    I like plainfieldguy's suggestions.
    I like to spend the last month organizing and preparing for next year.
    I make copies/prepare forms that I know I'll need next year
    I send home a letter to parents of students who will be entering a grade where health forms will be needed and I stress that they can turn them in NOW, so I have already been receiving health forms for next year, I get those organized and already have several students listed as compliant for 2018-19.

    Little things that you can do now while you don't have a lot going on can make a huge difference when you are crazed next year!
  7. by   AdobeRN
    *Declutter & "spring clean"
    *one last review & notice sent to new kinder immunizations, kids that are due for immunizations over the summer and kids that have exemption expiring over the summer.
    *reminder notices are sent to those kids with meds in clinic to pick them up by 3pm last day of school - otherwise they are thrown out.
    *make sure everything is off the floors - floors get rewaxed?? Last year I didn't do this and the custodial peeps basically waxed around my desk, the chairs, my emergency bag, file cabinets & trash cans leaving very noticable non waxed areas on my floor.
    *I take everything off my walls - this year my office gets to be repainted.
    *clear out fridge, clear off all counters and my desk.

    My immunization stuff is printed and ready to mail out on Tuesday, my medication pickup notices are printed and ready to go home on Tuesday. Everything else I really need to wait till the last day - which will not take long to do. Once I close up on Saturday the 2nd - I don't think about this place until I need to return in August.
  8. by   Glitternurse
    This is my first year, so I don't have a routine. We do pretty much what has been mentioned. I have been sending letters to our kinder parents reminding them to get first grade physicals before the start of school. Tomorrow is a minimum day so after school is out I will go to each site to inventory our supplies so the district nurse can put in the order for next year. I have also spent a frustratingly unreasonable amount of time tracking down student files that have been missing for moths so I can get all the papers out of my to be filed folder and into the health folder. I've got 3 more weeks. I'm looking forward to summer.
  9. by   jlrm50
    My end of the year routine looks much like the aforementioned. I send out letters with forms that must be updated for next school year to those with health concerns. I de-clutter and clean out unneeded items. Organize as much as I can so that I am not doing that when I return in August. Since I am in elementary school, it is my routine to contact the middle school nurses that my 5th grade health concerns are attending to give them the scoop. I send out reminders to my first responders that they will have CPR refreshers over the summer. Checking expiration dates is important at this time to see if anything will expire over the summer. Lots to do, ready for summer!
  10. by   Amethya
    I'm drowning.

    I'm horrible in organizing myself and right now I need to fix up my files and paperwork because I didn't file during the year. I have to clean my room and send letters for parents.

    But that's it.
  11. by   OhioBPH
    My med pick up letters went out a couple weeks ago with blank forms for next year. Vaccine letters are ready to go with report cards. Filing is done. Screenings cannot be scheduled yet.

    I guess I can send out exemption renewals.
  12. by   Supernrse01
    > Clear my desk and countertops
    >Send letters to parents for medication pickup deadline.
    >Move health records to new grade level and transport those that will be attending a different building next year.
    > Order supplies for the upcoming year.
    >Prepare letters to go home with report cards concerning incoming 7th/12th grade Tdap and MCV4 immunization requirements.
    >Submit hearing screening results to the State, via survey, which something newly required in Ohio in the last 2 years.

    I'm sure there is more but I'm drawing a blank right now lol
  13. by   OldDude
    Quote from OhioBPH
    My med pick up letters went out a couple weeks ago...
    I stopped sending these out several years ago. Nothing changed afterward; still the same amount picked up and same amount left over.
  14. by   RobotechTD
    Last year I busy to till the very end. This year I am so caught up that I'm looking at allnurses threads all day. I finished sending letters for med pick up and med orders. End of the year stats are almost done. Supply orders are done. Teacher packets for next year done. 12th grade files are all stored in boxes and ready to be put in storage. I don't have to do much cleaning up because my high school will be used for summer school.