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  1. palli

    Current Situation: Symptomatic Asthmatic

    All good, its hard when they de-sat so quickly, 2/3 of my sons had had respiratory issues, where me ,mom as a nurse even wondered if i need to do the ER at 2am...but then I thought,, what the heck am I questioning myself.. a little Racemic nebulized helps...
  2. palli

    Current Situation: Symptomatic Asthmatic

    you made all the right decisions. just document (just in case) mom stated she couldnt get to the school to pick him up for an hour. Again, dont ever doubt. You know what to do, we all know what to do... Proud of ya! now go home and have some wine and pat yourself on the back for being a nurse..
  3. palli

    Current Situation: Symptomatic Asthmatic

    Good....The parent can meet at the hospital. You will be shocked to see just how quickly they can get there, but couldn't get to school. sorry, I might sounded jaded.....
  4. palli

    Current Situation: Symptomatic Asthmatic

    when in doubt , send out.
  5. palli


    NO NO NO>>>>>YOU WILL NOT SCAN EVERY SINGLE KIDS TEMP..... scan the teachers temp..maybe she is the one who has the "high fever" and needs to be sent home.. ask her to then see her grade book, and change all the kids grades and when she asks what your are doing, say Im doing your job, since you seem to want to do mine... and walk out once I did this...it all stopped.. I promise
  6. palli

    These teachers done lost their minds

    This would be a good time to evaluate the teachers performance during a staff meeting in front of everyone, just to show her what it felt like
  7. palli

    please reassure me...

    Or doing a vision screening. Me: here cover one eye with this (hand them the paddle) them: they cover one eye with the paddle and close the other eye me: seriously?
  8. palli

    Epi pen order

    Hi Mom, please ask your Doctor to complete this and bring in back with your epipen and your benadryl for your daughter who has an extreme allergy to everything.. next day: Me: Ummm.. Hi Mom again yeah its me your friendly school nurse, Can you please have your doctor complete the form, not you..(mom interrupts) Mom: for your information: the doctor said I can fill it out and sign his name... Me: oh he did, did he? well, since I called him and asked him why he didn't complete the order correctly and he had no idea who you were, sooooo can you please come and get a new copy and take it to a doctor to complete? Mom: what constitutes a real doctor? I hung up come on, Im not paid enough
  9. palli

    Wow embarrassed and really ticked off...

    I have one teacher who consistently interrupts the 5 min lunch time I have. I shut my door, sign on door says. emergencies go to main office. several times a week, yes several times a week, will knock and continue to knock until I open it. I can ignore it, but then she goes to the main office and ask them to call me. They say she is on lunch, but she keeps going with I have to see her...Not once has it ever been an emergency. Its either, I have a headache, my great aunt has the flu should I get a flu shot..I finally hit my limit when I met her at the door SHE was unlocking and I said...I am not CVS, I am not your mother, I am not your doctor. I am taking 5 min to myself and shut the door in her face. You would think she got the message.... Im done
  10. palli

    Peanut allergy issue

    What happens when this parent goes to Shoprite or an amusement park or the mall ? just wondering, not stirring up anything controversy but it is impossible to prevent any interaction with any possibility of nuts....
  11. palli

    Professional Development Goals

    Hey hey everyone..anyone here need to do PDP's for their school district? Not to be confused with CE's, but professional development goals for the district. Can anyone please share, I am lost. this is the first year they are asking nurses to do this, without any guidance.(shocking)... Thank you in advance..
  12. palli

    End of year

    I put away everything on my desk and shelves. Lock up all the extra meds, let office staff now if parents come to get it, they can hand it to them. I do not show up again until the day we start our two day staff orientation. I leave a basket in main office for any mail/physicals, immunes etc I receive over the summer. office staff knows they are not taking any medication over the summer to hold onto until sept. pretty much it..
  13. palli

    I can't make this stuff up

    GIRL CRUSH!!!!!
  14. palli

    Spider bites

    I would call parents and ask if he has been seen by MD without obviously diagnosing him ourselves LOL with cellulitis...and if he hasnt been seen, I would insist that he be picked up and get checked immediately.
  15. palli

    Pursing Nursing, Wife and two kids to support.

    My husband worked and provided the majority of our income and health benefits but I also worked and provided extra money, but I will tell you this, working raising two babies, running a household, maintaining a balance was very stressful depending on each semester. The classes that I thoroughly enjoyed learning about seemed to come easy, those I struggled with were harder to get though but reach out to your instructor when you become bogged down. I did, and it seemed they appreciated the Mom with a family trying more than the "kid living at home trying to just coast". Just my opinion. I had a good support system when it came to studying