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  1. my teachers stopped doing this doing my first year when I marched into the classroom and asked to see her grade book and proceeded to change grades,... I asked if she can do my job without any experience then I can do hers....
  2. palli

    I hope this passes in NJ

    No more opting out of vaccinations for religious reasons: The Legislature may eliminate the religious exemption that allowed 14,000 students in the state to decline vaccines last year. Some of the hundreds of parents who attended a Statehouse hearing on the bill on Thursday accused the state of violating their First Amendment right to religious freedom, vowing to pull their children out of school or relocate out of New Jersey. The president of the New Jersey chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, meanwhile, argued that their “right to practice religion freely does not include ... exposing the community or a child to a communicable disease.” The bill would allow children to seek an exemption only for medical reasons. The state Health Department would define which health conditions would qualify, and a physician, advance practice nurse or physician assistant must verify in writing the child had the disqualifying illness, according to the bill. The bill gained momentum in January, after a measles outbreak dominated the news. There have been 19 confirmed cases of measles this year in New Jersey, and 1,276 nationwide.
  3. palli

    dread this day

    Day after Halloween...all the stomach aches and nausea...and the best is.. I dont know why I have a stomach ache... and here we go....
  4. palli

    Good PRN job for school nurses

    camp Nursing ...2 weeks in beginning of summer, kids go free (super expensive camp to boot) and I get paid...doing now almost 13 yrs..
  5. palli

    When to start looking...?

    Now that I found my partner in crime and the camp I love, this will be our 6th summer coming up, we tell the camp while we are there that we only want the first 2 weeks. Seniority is give to us... but my camp does start asking around Nov/Dec if we have anyone we can recommend
  6. palli

    Hours days and pay

    I chose because I wanted weekends, holidays and summers off to be with my children after taking care of everyone else's children. I chose because the Health benefits package was unbeatable I chose because the my school nurse's office was a safe haven, I wanted to be THAT person to someone
  7. palli

    cell phones in clinic

    No cell phone at all. if you feel sick enough to be here, then you are too sick to use your phone. it stays at my desk, if you give me any lip about it then obviously you ar well enough to give me lip...go back to class...
  8. palli

    Fun end of year complaints

    Just yesterday..... the inside of my bellybutton got sunburned....rest of body is pale (she of course needed to leave during math class not lunch/recess)
  9. palli

    Current Situation: Symptomatic Asthmatic

    I want that walkie!! That's like the gauntlet with the Infinity Stones - snap your fingers and an ambulance is at your door!!.. and when you snap your said fingers...can we make some people just disappear into dust????
  10. palli

    What do you do when admin doesn't have your back?

    OK...IM IN CAPS SO YES..IM MAD... THESE STINKIN TEACHERS!!!!!!!! I have been known to walk to into a class and change grades in a gradebook and when asked what are you doing?? I say, I'm doing your job because you feel that you are qualified and licensed to do mine. Enough already!!!!!! argh.... I cant even type aymore, Im so mad. But I will say...Im sorry this happened to you...if you have a chance to run..Then Run Forest Run!
  11. palli

    Another new school nurse

    best part...weekends, holidays and summers..OFF!! worst part: Parents and the pay....
  12. palli

    Are we allowed to notify parents of pregnancy?

    Check the State's legal age of consent. if its a case of abuse, then you must report it..leave it up to the state agency to let the parent know about the pregnancy. agreeing with the above post....unless its an emergency for the student...then no
  13. palli

    Breaking the Rules to Save a Life

    100% !!
  14. palli

    Current Situation: Symptomatic Asthmatic

    All good, its hard when they de-sat so quickly, 2/3 of my sons had had respiratory issues, where me ,mom as a nurse even wondered if i need to do the ER at 2am...but then I thought,, what the heck am I questioning myself.. a little Racemic nebulized helps...
  15. palli

    Current Situation: Symptomatic Asthmatic

    you made all the right decisions. just document (just in case) mom stated she couldnt get to the school to pick him up for an hour. Again, dont ever doubt. You know what to do, we all know what to do... Proud of ya! now go home and have some wine and pat yourself on the back for being a nurse..
  16. palli

    Current Situation: Symptomatic Asthmatic

    Good....The parent can meet at the hospital. You will be shocked to see just how quickly they can get there, but couldn't get to school. sorry, I might sounded jaded.....