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  1. jess11RN

    What are the "extras" that you do?

    I coordinate a mobile physical and immunization clinic that comes twice per year as well as a mobile dentist that comes once per year. I also participate in our district's wellness committee. Others are organizing a wellness fair to take place in the fall...conveniently on the weekend I am running a marathon, so I'll participate in the planning, but am still undecided on my level of commitment. I have a bulletin board that has been unchanged since last spring. If your district doesn't already have one, work with your mental health and admin team to make a booklet of resources with information/addresses/phone numbers for staff and families. I did that a few years back when I had extra motivation. I did the newsletter thing, but nothing really got read and it got old trying to think of topics.
  2. jess11RN

    Another new school nurse

    I second everything Bluebell says I will freely admit that I miss my outpatient hospital job. After my kids have grown, I think I will return to something like that either part time or prn.
  3. jess11RN

    Interesting Hiring Conundrum

    Good!! Enjoy your break! You deserve it!
  4. jess11RN

    Fun end of year complaints

    I think they support an Ativan diffuser. Check it out and let me know...
  5. jess11RN

    Fun end of year complaints

    "My teacher sent me down to have you wash out this wound I have on my foot." (10 minutes after school started) A-I knew she was lying because that teacher would have never sent her down for something like that B-Her "foot wound" was a blister
  6. jess11RN

    Interesting Hiring Conundrum

    Think of it this way...when there is a position open for a sub teacher, does the principal or HR dump that on the teacher? Of course not. So, why do they think that it is acceptable to dump it on the nurse?
  7. jess11RN

    Interesting Hiring Conundrum

    If you have an HR, then the responsibility falls onto them. The responsibility should not be on you at all. I think it would be an honor to be invited in on the interviews, but that's where it stops. I am fearful that if you accept the responsibility of the hiring and interviewing process, then you're opening yourself up to whatever else they may want to dump on you in the future. You have so much more to focus on at this point in your life.
  8. jess11RN

    Interesting Hiring Conundrum

    This is my solution: Enjoy your summer and take care of you and your baby. This is not your problem nor is it the other nurse's problem
  9. jess11RN

    I'll miss you all, but...

    This is such a stressful job and not many people realize that. They'll realize what they had when you're gone. Good luck. We will miss you
  10. jess11RN

    Illinois Vision Screening

    YES! It's all about the $$$. Such a ridiculous 6 day process for something that could EASILY be covered in 1!!! I'm glad re-cert is only a test (and more money).
  11. jess11RN

    Illinois Vision Screening

    Short answer to your question, I use the Titmus II. It's old, but it does the job. I would email Nancy Katz nancy.katz@illinois.gov and see what she suggests. Or you can call the office (708) 544-5300. You may need to borrow someone's equipment to go through the certification processes, but you'll need your own equipment to be able to screen kiddos once you are certified. Once you submit your application and your date is approved by IDPH, you'll get more information than you'll ever want to know. Also, what about hearing? Do you have a machine for that? You'll need to do both hearing and vision certification at the same time.
  12. jess11RN

    End of Year Prep

    Same here!
  13. jess11RN

    Breaking the Rules to Save a Life

    Correct decision 100%
  14. jess11RN

    Job Description

    Are "home visits" appropriate in a school nurse job description? (I cover multiple schools, so me not being present at 1 school isn't thought of as a concern here). I don't like the idea of the potential of that being forced upon me. What are your opinions?
  15. jess11RN

    Take Away Envelope/Containers

    I also take mine to the local PD
  16. jess11RN

    IEP health review

    Oh my gosh....I read that wrong the first time...so you've been involved in 415 IEPs?? I know you're in a big district, but holy cow!!

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