Are your teachers CPR certified?

  1. Hello everyone! I am wrapping up my first year as a school nurse in an elementary school. I have had lots of epi pen training for field trips recently (tis the season) and it has come to my attention that the teachers in my district aren't required to be CPR certified. I am wondering if this is typical of other districts around the country.
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  3. by   Queen of Icepacks
    All faculty and staff at our school (private Catholic) are required to be CPR and First Aid certified as part of their employment agreement.
  4. by   OldDude
    PE teachers and cafeteria aides are required to be current in CPR.
  5. by   AdobeRN
    Only our coaches, PE staff, athletic trainers & bus drivers are required - everyone else is voluntary. We are required to do X hours of Non Contract Professional Development - CPR class is an easy way for teachers to knock out 4 hours of that requirement - tend to get people to take the class just for these hours.
  6. by   C-HAWK
    That's what my district requires as well, along with sped teachers and paras. I have a hard time handing and epi pen off to a teacher for field trip knowing that should the teacher need to use it, CPR will not be initiated if the students condition continues to decline before EMS arrives.
  7. by   JenTheSchoolRN
    Similar. It is required for PE staff and coaches. Optional for other staff, though our front office staff did choose to participate in the free training I set up at the beginning of every school year.
  8. by   ruby_jane
    I have lost the battle for five years. Only my coaches, band director, choir director, cheer coaches and dance team coach are required to have CPR training. It's offered to teachers yearly at their staff development. I have offered to teach on a Saturday (of 10 scheduled, 4 showed up). I have even offered to do hands-only CPR training (a little is better than nada) on a staff development day during the year. So far no principal has taken me up on anything during school time. But I persevere...
  9. by   grammy1
    Only PE and SpEd paras are required in our district. I'm a certified instructor, so I will teach it just to get more bodies certified. Our union even pays the teacher's fees for certification and I still have trouble getting them to come in.
  10. by   SaltineQueen
    I believe it's a requirement in my state for teachers to maintain their licenses. I also encourage cafeteria/lunchroom staff and paras to be certified. Our district offers training for free so really, I encourage everyone to get certified.
  11. by   MHDNURSE
    It is not required where I work, but I told admin that I thought we should make sure that at least two teachers per grade level were certified. Our school ended up paying to certify 16 teachers last August (2 year certification). They feel SO much better knowing that they at least know what to do.
  12. by   100kids
    It is not required of anyone but me in our school but I do get the district to pay for 10 people to get certified each year and I can get those spots filled so we have some people certified.
  13. by   Amethya
    We have a lot of our teachers CPR certified. I set up the CPR training early in the year, every two years.
  14. by   SavyNurse
    None of ours are required to have CPR cert but a majority of them do and have a desire to obtain it. We are a charter school so the admins push for parents to give back to the school in some way. We have 2 moms who are CPR instructors so the school buys the supplies and pays like $8 per person for the actual card but otherwise they offer the classes for free. We are trying to get everyone to have it but I settled this year (since I just started in Dec) to have at least 1 in each grade, PE, and admin certified.