"the nurse"

  1. I sometimes find it a bit irritating that I am referred to as "the nurse" and ALWAYS as just "the nurse". I find it a bit dehumanizing from time to time. We just had an exchange of emails and when I explained that I could not make the even in question because I would be attending another function the administrator replied saying can we pick a date when the nurse is available. It wasn't a long list of people. If Principal Linda had said can we pick a date when Flare is available nobody would have been confused.

    Sigh... if you need me I'm going to hang out with my counterpart:
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  3. by   Farawyn
    Well, when I got married I was The Bride.

    Often I'm known as The Rhymes With Witch.

    I'll take The Nurse.
  4. by   KKEGS
    Do they at least capitalize it? The Nurse?
  5. by   Nurse in MT
    That stinks.

    I'm know as Nurse *first name*. I was given that moniker by staff at residential facility I worked prior to my school. I'm really cool with it and it seems to make the kids more comfortable. For whatever reason Mrs. *last name* just kind of rubs me the wrong way and I think it's because most people mispronounce my last name.
  6. by   NurseBeans
    My husband and I met in the OR (over an open rotator cuff repair, romantic, I know). He eventually moved on to sales. I went to work at one of the surgery centers where he was well known. I was never called anything but "Brad's wife" for the 18 months I worked there. Annoying.

    Yeah, I get called "the nurse" and pretty much nothing else around here. It's annoying but I guess it's better than "Brad's wife". Atleast here I have my own identity
  7. by   kidzcare
    I hear you. I hate it. It sound so replaceable. Any nurse will do.

    I work in a preschool now where everyone (teachers, administration) go by Mr/Ms (First Name) which is ok. When I was at the junior high, I hated that I was the only professional who did not go by Mr/Ms (last name). I was always Ms (First name) or Nurse (first name). I requested to be called by my proper title but very few people would. I have a last name that some people find uncomfortable to say, but that's a lame excuse.
  8. by   WineRN
    I still get called by the previous Nurse's name. I even made a little "Meet Nurse Wine" poster and put it outside of my door, but all people seem to notice is the pictures of my dog and baby and not my name.
  9. by   Tencat12
    Yes! I have a NAME people......
  10. by   Eleven011
    All staff are issued laptops here. Vinyl letters are used to label them with the owners name. So all the teachers, aides, counselors, etc. laptops have their names on them. Guess what mine says?? Yep.. NURSE
  11. by   Flare
    don't get me wrong - 99% of the time i really don't care what I'm called - but it irks me when that tends to be ALL i'm called. as if i'm some walking lab coat that dispenses medical advice.
  12. by   tamarae1
    I'm still "Nurse" I get called by the old nurse's name when I get called a name. She's been gone a long time now. Multiple years. Pretty sure I could be replaced by any old robot that could dispense ice packs, bandaids and clean clothes, or at least that's what everyone thinks I do all day. I'm glad its Friday.
  13. by   llg
    Maybe it would help to think of the title "The Nurse" as an aristocratic title as in:

    The Queen
    The King
    Your Highness
    Your Royal Highness
    Your Majesty
    The Duke
    Your Grace
    Your Eminence
    Your Ladyship
    "The Nurse" (said in a somber, respectful tone ... and with a slight bow)
  14. by   kunaspud
    Funny that this just came up. My office staff have been talking about this today, before this was posted and are apologetic. Actually, they want to get me a tee that says exactly that. "THE" Nurse.