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San Jacinto College ADN Fall 2009

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if i choose homecare as my topic, does it have to be only ONE home care assessment? like.. infection or wound care or hygiene.. or can it be multiple assessments? i'm confused. there's tons of different kinds. probably just one, right? and write a paper just about that one assessment?

several assessments would kind of be easier though as well..ugh!

does anyone know?

ok i just printed like four articles

i chose spirituality and sleep...

but there's so many different kinds of choices

in those two topics that i could choose from..

i hate this! maybe i'm making it harder than it is.?

Meliss214 specializes in Oncall Hospice RN.

You only need to print 1 article based on the topic. I looked at the example that they posted and it appears that we just need to find one area in the chapter that relates to the article. In your case, you would just need to choose one type of assessment.


but sleep and spirituality are one topic combined together we have to write about.. so there would be 2 articles @ least, correct?

becaues she put those two together.

i'm not sure but i would think that they are 2 different assessments. i have a question; i'm doing mine over promoting health in elders. so are we supposed to pick an article that correlates with a subtopic in the book? such as care settings for elders?

What are all of the requirements to enter the ADN program at San Jac. I want to use option B because my grades are really good and I don't want to re-take the ACT. I took it 5 years ago. What are all of the requirements thanks!

Well, the main ones that you really truly need are these three classes:

Biology 2401, Biology 2402, and Biology 2401 OR 2402. With three of those classes (you don't need both micros), you can apply.

If you haven't done so already, I'd suggest getting the core classes out of the way. Things like Psych 2301, 2314; Math 1314 OR 1333; etc. Currently we're enrolled in two classes, and I've been studying non-stop every day this week. So it wouldn't hurt to get those done and out of the way, unless you like stress : )

But the biology classes are the ones they really want done.

Am I the only person who strongly dislikes My Nursing Lab? Haven't made over an 85 on any of the pre-tests because the questions are...excruciatingly terrible. And the fact that those choose all that apply questions are an all or nothing kind.

Really wish we had something better. Even written assignments would be better than this. Bleh.

Meliss214 specializes in Oncall Hospice RN.

Wonderful! So I'm not the only one making 80's on the pre-test and yes some of those questions are awful. Are they going to average all the grade together or just the pre and post test?

I'm already tired of studying and it's just the beginning. I guess once I get the correct schedule down, I'll be OK. Mrs. ********* told me I didn't have to white out 12 and 15 since I had the wrong calendar.

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