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  1. Meliss214

    Criteria for GIP

    Does a pt automatically qualify for GIP when lopressors are discontinued?
  2. Meliss214

    very confused about my hospice job- need advice

    I commend you for surviving so long in those conditions. I love hospice, but have not been impressed by the business side of it. I tried case management after starting out as the weekend oncall nurse and have found that the CMs are exploited beyond belief. So I'm on the search for a weekend oncall position once again. Good luck in med/surg!
  3. Meliss214

    oxygen orders vs nursing perceptions

    Thanks for responding. The pt and his wife prefer increasing the oxygen instead of increasing the morphine dose.
  4. Meliss214

    oxygen orders vs nursing perceptions

    I received orders from the Dr to give a pt with COPD and lung ca 15 L of oxygen because the pt is experiencing respiratory distress and the ativan and morphine were insufficient. The pt was previously on 5 Lof 02 until the family bumped up the oxygen to 8 L which allowed the pt to sleep. But my supervisor wants the pt to go down to 5L of oxygen because of the COPD. How would you handle this situation?
  5. Meliss214

    How fussy are you about O2?

    What if the pt has lung cancer along with COPD, and prefers hi flow oxygen instead of high doses of morphine?
  6. Meliss214

    New Grad RN wanting to be a Hospice Nurse-Advice?

    I had 6 mos of nursing experience when I was hired to work as a hospice RN. I spent 1 mo shadowing the case managers and assisting when possible. Fortunately I had a supervisor who was just a phone call away so I never felt like I was all alone. I've been working on call for 2 mos now and love it. Once your learn which meds to administer to control sxs and master the art of changing a foley, you're good to go. Hospice is more about educating the family regarding pt care and how to handle the stress of caring for the pt. I had no prior experience in changing foleys before I started hospice, but let me just say, it's much easier than starting an IV any day.
  7. Meliss214

    Time frame for job hopping???

    I too have quit 2 nursing jobs in my 1st year. Both places have a high turnover rate so I'm trying not to take the experiences too personally. Do I have to list both jobs on my resume?
  8. Meliss214

    How did you find a job as a new grad?

    I got hired at a hospital today by bypassing HR to meet the nurse manager on the unit. The hospital that hired me has a reputation for hiring new nurses and my friends told me that you have to meet face to face with the nurse managers in order to get interviewed. HTH.
  9. Meliss214

    Why cant I get an interview or at least a job?

    Only if your license was suspended. A former employer is restricted from sharing any info regarding your job performance.
  10. Meliss214

    Getting stuck with the blame

    At least you weren't suspended like I was for failing to notify the attending. I left that toxic work environment since my supervisor believed the nursing is an autonomous job even though my charge nurse and I were equally responsible for all the patients on the psych unit. Living and learning...
  11. Meliss214

    written up

    I just resigned as a psych nurse after 4 mons because the NM suspended me for failing to call the attending regarding a patient's bp that was not responding to the meds that the medical dr was ordering. I had mentioned the pt's bp problem to the attending the week before and she she quickly retorted, "Tell the medical doctor. I don't deal with blood pressure." So I know the NM was not getting any heat from the attending. Also my charge nurse was fully aware of this situation since he was sitting next to me in the nursing station each time I called the medical dr for new orders and the charge nurse in the psych hospital is responsible for giving report to the next shift. So I now the NM was targeting me. I had to resign because my license was at stake. I had an interview yesterday for a LTC position, so I'm hoping I hear something by tomorrow. Btw, I was never written up prior to my suspension.
  12. Meliss214

    Why cant I get an interview or at least a job?

    Some of my friends took the initiative to meet the nurse manager and ask if they could schedule an interview for the posted position. I recently resigned from my position as a psychiatric nurse, and if I don't get the job that I just interviewed for, I too will resort to making face to face contact with the nurse managers. HTH
  13. Meliss214

    San Jacinto College ADN Fall 2009

    Well I'm not as comfortable as you are about this test, but I am glad we're going over ch 46 tomorrow since they're 8 questions on the test from that ch. See you at 7:30 am
  14. Meliss214

    San Jacinto College ADN Fall 2009

    Yea, there's hope after all!!!!!
  15. Meliss214

    San Jacinto College ADN Fall 2009

    Don't we have a different instructor?
  16. Meliss214

    San Jacinto College ADN Fall 2009

    So we just need to bring the penlight and stethoscope tomorrow? I have all my supplies in my car to be on the safe side. I also have my sheet for the walk thru

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