RN licensure tax write-off?


Does anyone know if you can write off the cost of a new RN license, including the fingerprint fee and NCLEX fee?

Thanks! :)

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i am actually wondering this too.

i think the total of NCLEX exam, license, fingerprints and background check for me was about $400.

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seems to me it's deductible since it's a work expense...


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i think the total of NCLEX exam, license, fingerprints and background check for me was about $400.

for me too!


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yes, you can as a work expense in which anything over I believe 7% we deduct on our long form taxes.

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Yes I believe you can.

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ask your accountant.... my hospital reimburses us for the expense so i definitely cannot take a tax write off....


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I cut and pasted this from the IRS website

"Licenses and Regulatory Fees

You can deduct the amount you pay each year to state or local governments for licenses and regulatory fees for your trade, business, or profession."


But, you better check because it appears that unless you are already employed in that profession, you may not be able to deduct expenses related to a future profession.


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I write it off. Plus all my journals, scrubs, etc...

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The NCLEX exam is going to be an educational expense.

The fingerprints and background checks are not going to be tax deductable because you are getting them for the State BON, not for an employer, so therefore, they would not be a work expense or an unreimburses business expense.

Your license fee is tax deductable for all professions.

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