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I am an RN working full time in the ED. Every shift I am subjected to below par PPE standards. Asked to re-use N95 and surgical masks for multiple patients, covid or not. So it was not to my surprise when I got a call informing me a patient I had provided care for later had a positive covid 19 test. I was informed to contact our employee health if I developed symptoms. A few days later I had a cough, sore throat, HA, fatigue and sneezing. I contacted my employee health as instructed, a test was ordered, I was instructed to remain at home til I received my results. Unfortunately I am still waiting......

My issue with the situation is that my employer has already let me know the repercussions of a negative test, should that be my result.

I will receive an occurrence for missing my shift while awaiting test results. (The quantine was orderd by employee health)

I will have to use my accrued PTO to cover any hours missed while in quantine awaiting my test results.

I will also have the weekend shifts I miss counted against me while in quantine awaiting results. Meaning I can have less weekend shifts off for the remainder of the year.

As an employee I have always helped when it comes to providing for our adopted Christmas family or the food drives. As an ED nurse I am in the frontline of this pandemic, caring for those in need, risking my own health for lack of PPE. This has been extremely difficult for me to understand how the hospital I work for can treat me this way as I await my results.

The community has been amazing and supportive of our ED staff. They have given snacks, meals, encouragement and thanks this entire time. However, the hospital I work for can't do the same. It is shameful to work for such an organization.

Is this OK? Is this fair?


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Call the news networks! I am SO sorry. How horrible, yet I completely believe it ?

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It sounds like your DPH or other regulatory bodies should get involved. This is probably the tip of the iceberg nationwide given the number of idiotic administrations in hospitals...

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I hope your test turns okay.This just shows the extent of greedy for profit cooporations in this country.You need to share your story on social media and the news..........it can be anonymous. Refuse to sign anything when you go back. Email your manager,your bosses boss,the CEO of the company and tell them this is unacceptable and state you will go public. Also look into your state unemployment benefits,some states are paying those with COVID-19 or when you are forced to self isolate while awaiting results.


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If you can withstand the consequences, I would resign instead of returning to work.


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I have never had attendance issues or am I near any type of disciplinary track. I am just in disbelief that they are holding me awaiting my results against me.

Unfortunately, I NEED to work. My family depends heavily on my income.


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So wait.... They want to reprimand you for NOT testing positive for coronavirus (I hope you receive a negative anyway) AND a mandatory quarantine? That's some bunk. Would they prefer you go back to work and make everyone sick? The most audacious part is they have y'all working with substandard PPE and still think it's OK to punish you for getting sick. The nerve!


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Yes! So I am told to stay home, cant go to work by employee health. Made aware that if I am negative for Covid 19 the attendance policy will be remain.


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Just now, INDY RN said:

Yes! So I am told to stay home, cant go to work by employee health. Made aware that if I am negative for Covid 19 the attendance policy will be remain.

Are they doing this to everyone? Contact the BON, joint commission, and your local health department. I would also consult, sorry having a brain fart and can't think of the name, but consult the people in charge of labor laws.

(I really can't remember! It's too early, I'm going back to bed. ?)


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I am currently still awaiting my results. Hoping to get them ASAP! I am scheduled to work in just a few hours. This is very painful for me to wait as a rule follower!

Yes, this is applying to everyone! Not just me.


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While I think it’s a Richard move for your employer to do this to you can thank your jerk co-workers for creating the issue. There is an element of employees who are using vague, unmeasurable symptoms to get themselves a two week paid vacation with no repercussions and no loss of time. We have a certain department, that I won’t name but we desperately need, doing this in spades and one of my nurse colleagues has done it to us except she refuses to get swabbed so no proof she doesn’t have it. ?


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With all the stories I’m hearing about punishment and repercussions for nurses getting Covid after being told to reuse masks, and PPE, I’m thinking there may be some lawsuits. For 1 week I’d love to see the ED staffed by only Administration and managers, who would be mandated to follow the same ever changing requirements they expect of us.

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