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Riots in Minneapolis


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On 8/30/2020 at 9:59 PM, NurseBlaq said:

Looters of are all colors. My point were white supremacists have a plan to start the looting and riots knowing it will be blamed on BLM.

And here we go



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How would white supermacists benefit from burning down white owned businesses, communities, and properties? It seems to me these places are being attacked indecriminately.

Why would they attack and threaten police when most police are white? Some  of police maybe closet rascists.

Doesn't really seem like it would benefit their cause to do these things. It would be better for them to just let things burn.

Seems to me like people are starting to realize the govt is no longer in control and cannot protect anyone. Many of these crimes are of opportunity and are just taking advantage of civil unrest.

I think the govt is just pushing the narrative of white supremacy as a new boogie man because they want people to believe they're doing something.

Just like the BS article on the Umbrella Man being a Hell's Angel who has yet to be charged with a crime.

If the HS had anything to do with that vandalism. The guy would've been wearing colors and they would've claimed responsiblity. 

The HS are more into running drugs, guns, and profit driven criminal enterprise. Then having some patsy go break some windows to blame it on someone else.

I'm going to believe the first story of who this guy is until they come up with some credible eye witnesses for his alibi.