Rhonda, Bean, and Bangin, and anyone else who started today!

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:::::::::::checking time::::::::::::



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Originally posted by Bevi

:::::::::::checking time::::::::::::

Maybe they had after-school detention :rolleyes:


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hhmmm....maybe they have LOTS of homework and aren't able to get on line???:eek: :chuckle


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Oh No! Is this anything like what will happen to us next week?

PennyLane, RN

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My first day will actually be an evening class--maybe some others had this, as well?


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Sorry I didn't even get online last night. I went to my first class at 1pm then second at 2 until 4 and then had a student government meeting, left there and went to my part-time job late and then home at 9:15 I was exhausted.

School was very nice, we are basically doing CNA training the first 8 weeks and since I was a CNA for 4 years doing hospice and homehealth and LTC I am not to worried about this first 8 weeks. I have to take this part again because I let my cerification expire . I knew this was what we would be doing first 8 weeks but that unreasonable fear and nervous would not listen to my reasoning.

Teachers seem to be very nice All went well and THANK YOU ALL for thinking of me !!!!!!

I want to hear from all the rest I will check again later tonight going to look at a couple of houses



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I just saw your sig line....

My brother is in iraq too...

I'm glad you had a good first day.... :o)

suzy253, RN

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Hi...I am one of the 'anybody else' who started school today (Tuesday, 8/19) :)

It was great! I am soooooo excited. Looks about 4 students have already deferred until next year out of our original size of 46 students. We already had CPR training during orientation in June and those of us who passed received our certification cards. The day was spent going over the class schedule for the fall semester and explaining various things and what is expected of you. We received a small syllabus with the coursework all in calendar form and the required reading assignments for the particular class. We also went over financial aid and grants, scholarships available, etc. Our first 'real' class will be Thursday with Nursing 100 followed by Nutrition in the afternoon. Tomorrow all students (freshmen, juniors, and seniors) have to attend a mandatory safety seminar in our associated hospital. Then we are all having lunch together and have been assigned 'big brother/big sisters'-- somewhat of a mentoring system for the freshmen which I think is great. They also announced that the last graduating class (103rd class!!) got 100% success rate on the NCLEX exam which is an extremely good sign of the education we'll be getting. Two physical therapists came over from the hospital to explain and demonstrate proper lifting techniques and protecting your back, etc. We already have computer assignments that are due in a few weeks and a paper that has to be written. We have to hand in the outline of the paper next week for approval.

Luckily, I am sitting right in the front of the class cos during orientation I was in the back and there was this group of chatty gals who just didn't shut up...even when the Director of the nursing school and instructors were talking. Well, they were at it again today and let me tell you, this doesn't go unnoticed. I think it is so very rude because people are trying to listen and learn and these gals just yap. The instructor just stopped talking completely and was very strict with them (yet again!) so we'll see if they learned their lesson yet. Somehow I doubt it.

My real workload will start next month when associated classes begin at the local community college which will be Anatomy & Anat. Lab, Psychology, Drug & Dosage Calcs. Anatomy and Physiology courses will be 4:00-6:30 p.m. so there will be rushing around to get to various classes in time but they do seem to allow plenty of time to get from the school of nursing to the community college (located about 8 miles away). The drug and dosage calcs will be on Wednesday mornings from 8-9:30 and then off from there to the school of nursing.

Thursday and Friday we have our first nursing arts lab which will cover infection control. And then a return demonstration to the instructors. We have to pass lots of nursing arts in order to start our clinicals in the hospital in October.

It was nice also to meet up with a few students who took a remedial math course over the summer with me as we already were comfortable with each other from that course. One is an 18 year old girl--and I'm 50!!! She's really sweet.

The school is very strict. Once the classes start in the freshman room, the instructor will lock the door. If you're late, you can't get in until break because they won't have latecomers disrupting the class and having to fill the latecomers in on what they missed.

I am off now to go over the material they handed out today and to start my reading assignments. There is a lot to be done already! But I'm very excited about it. Finally going to start to fulfill my lifelong dream. I hope I'll have time to check this board from time to time.

Good luck to everyone else starting soon! Enjoy yourselves!

Cheers, Suzy


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congrats on your first day...

sounds like the school you attend is stellar!

good luck, and keep us updated!

PennyLane, RN

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Originally posted by suzy253

Then we are all having lunch together and have been assigned 'big brother/big sisters'-- somewhat of a mentoring system for the freshmen which I think is great.

Suzy--my school is having a catered lunch next Wednesday for ppl interested in talking with big brothers and big sisters. But I can't go because I'm scheduled to have lab at that time. :o

It's too bad because I really want to take advantage of all the school is offering, especially in terms of meeting new people. I'm a bit slow to warm up to people and welcome any experiences to meet new people and make new friends.

Of course some of these 'big sisters' may actually be younger than me, but so what. I want to get any advantage I can becuase my first sememster I'll be taking 6 classes :eek:

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