Former LPN's, what path did you take?

  1. After you graduated and passed the nclex-pn, did you go directly to an lpn-rn bridge program, an lpn-bsn program or some thing else?
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  3. by   LadyFree28
    I worked for a few years, had enough CC credits to get an Associates
    degree, took the rest if my pre-req's and went into a BSN program that had evening and weekend coursework; by the time I graduated with my BSN, I had worked as a LPN for seven years.

    I have been a RN for 2 years.
  4. by   prettymica
    I was an LPN for nearly 4 years. I did the LPN-ADN bridge program and graduated 2013, will graduate from RN-BSN completion 12/13/14. I was formerly a pre-vet med student so I had lots of classes under my belt.
  5. by   TheCommuter
    I completed a 12-month LVN program at a trade school in late 2005 and became licensed in early 2006. I worked full-time weekend double shifts as an LVN for several years while completing prerequisite coursework at a local community college.

    I enrolled in a 1-year LPN-to-ASN bridge program in early 2009 and graduated in early 2010. I am now enrolled in an online RN-to-BSN completion program with 7 more credits to go until I graduate.
  6. by   BSNbeauty
    I graduated from my LPN program in 2009. I completed the LPN-ADN bridge program in 2011. I have one more class left to complete in December and then I'll be done with my ADN-BSN. I currently enrolled in an online ADN-BSN program and due to finish in Jan. 2015.
  7. by   SquishyRN
    I did a 12-month LVN program and graduated in 2010. I worked full-time while doing my pre-requisites and started an LVN-ADN bridge program in 2012. I also worked full-time during the bridge program and graduated in 2013. I'm currently in an online RN to BSN program, expected to graduate May 2015.
  8. by   Stalirris
    My LPN school had an arraingment with the community college nearby. I entered ADN school as soon as the paperwork cleared, before I had even sat for my LPN test, back when it was the bubble test on paper. I'm glad I did. I worked while I was going to school to finish my ADN so it took me a wee bit longer than if I'd gone full bore ahead.

    I am just now about to graduate from my RN-BSN program 23 years after LPN school. I've applied to CRNA schools and have 2 interviews lined up. I'm getting kind of old for CRNA school but the hospital, not the patients, are burning me out from bedside nursing. I love the patients and the clinical critical care, not so much the never ending additions to charting and suffocating maltreatment of nurses.

    Don't stop learning. Don't be afraid because you can do it. Picture yourself working where you want to work and you'll do it. Don't let fear cause you to regret what you never tried to do even though you really wished for it.
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  9. by   BSNbeDONE
    I graduated from an LPN program in 1985, passed the 'boards' in 1986, and worked 24 years as an LPN before enrolling in an online LPN-ASN program in late (August) 2009. I graduated from that program in April 2010, passed boards in June 2010, and by the end of 2010, began an extremely casual pursuit in an online RN-BSN program , taking 2 courses. After I completed those two courses (December 2010), I transferred back to the college that I used for my online LPN-ASN program (November 2011), took about 3 exams, and then laid out for another year. Last year (2013), I got serious about completing the BSN, put my nose to the grind, completed the rest of my pre-reqs during the spring and summer and by August 2013, I was taking on 4 nursing courses at once. January of 2014, I was enrolled in the last two of 3 courses and by May 2014, I was finally in the capstone course. I completed the BSN in August 2014, with official degree conferral last month. Four years to do what should have only taken 1 1/2 years. But what can I say? Life!
  10. by   CT Pixie
    I became an LPN in 2008. I began working as a staff nurse in an LCT/rehab facility part time. In 2011 I started taking the remaining pre-reqs I needed for the LPN to RN bridge program. I graduated with an ASN in May 2013, got licensed in early June. In October of 2013, I began taking the remaining classes that were pre-reqs for the RN to BSN program and officially began my BSN classes in January 2014. I have a tentative grad date of 2016. (its a part time program so that's why it will take so long. I could gone the accelerated route but I'd rather the slower pace of the part time program).
  11. by   Nienna Celebrindal
    I had to finish my RN prerequisites. Then I got lucky and did a pilot LVN to BSN program.

    If RN is your long term goal do it as quickly as you can. I have seen so many LVNs become complacent and not move on. They all swore it wouldn't happen to them but it did. Life can slow you down so stay focused.

    There isn't a right way to get your RN. Figure out what will work for you (both have pros and cons IMO) or apply to both kinds of programs and take what you get into first.