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Okay so the pvt do work:down: I didn't pass boards once again but i am ok because the hard part is over which is school, and i can continue to study and retake in 45 days. I only had 4 SATA, 2 exhibits, NO pharm, mainly delegation, manage min. I have a lot of drugs that i had had no clue about and a couple of psych. I do find that the La Charity book did help a lot. Oh yeah i did have those infection control questions. So now i am off to paying for the exam again and studying and in 45 days i will go at it again.;)

Hope you pass on your retry.

hey! sorry you didn't pass but good for you with the positive attitude. I would suggest this: do Hurst Review to get the core content, the live review if you can. Then buy the Kaplan book about $35... its really great on telling you "how" to read/answer NCLEX questions. As for practice tests do Lippencott's and the Kaplan ones. You already know what to expect... you'll pass it the 2nd time around!!!! Good Luck!!

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Good luck on your re-try and I agree with you, you are over the hardest part which is school. You can definitely take the nclex many times as you want (unless you are in one of those states that has limits) and just keep studying and practicing questions.

Sounds you have positive attitude regarding your result. don't put gap inbetween give yourself 1-2days to relax and keep studying. pray.

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Hang in there and keep the positive attitude...you have all the info and know the material just apply it! About 2 weeks before your test do a certain amount of questions everyday and read all explanations even if you think you know the answers! Good luck on your next test!!!

Thanks every one, you guys are the best and i am so glad that i joined this community i would keep recommending to others

I am in the same boat as you are. I took my exam on Sept 1 and it stopped at 108. Even though I did not know what to expect from the test I did not think I would have failed but I did. The same day I registered and had a new ATT. I am scheduled to take it October 18th. I have less than 4 weeks to review all my material. I took Kaplan and purchased the Lacharity. I really dont know where I went wrong but it is obvious I did so how some way.

Well you know we can do this. I plan on buying the 4000 cd, i have all my study notes, i just bought index cards every thing is going on them. I have the lacharity book and it is awesome. I can't re test till Nov. 1 so i am taking a break until Oct 1. If you find a better study plan please share i have to do this for my 4 year old daughter

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