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    Mercy College RN-BSN

    Does anyone applied or graduated from Mercy College. Any input would be appreciated

    Questions I know you can answer

    Good Morning All Nurses Family!!! I am a newly registered nurse and have a few questions for my fellow nurses... #1 How long did it take you to find your first RN before and during the recession? #2 I need to renew my BLS and I am having a hard time find a place in NYC? #3 Do you guys think that the nursing field will ever boom the way it did back in 2000, when a lot of hospitals had sign on bonuses? #4 Does any one have anything to say about Mercy College Nursing Program?? I know I had a lot to ask but who best to answer than family Thanks a Million xoxoxo All Nurses

    took my nclex rn today....


    NCLEX-RN passed with 265 questions!

    I passed the Nclex with 265 questions. So many SATA and tons of medications that for some strange reason I knew not all but few of them. I was able to eliminate alot. I used the MPR book to help with the meds. If could give any advice I would say know you lab values Priority( who would you see first) realizing that airway will not always be your first choice. Know the different diease process. I had a few math questions maybe 8 or so. I cant tell you the last time I look at a math problem. I felt that math was the least of my worries. When I passed 150 i knew that I was gonna take it to the end.. After the test I felt so empty I could not get home fast enough to do the PVT. My hands were shaking. I was so afraid of seeing that cc page that I saw on my first attempt but I saw something that I never saw before... I havent felt this good since giving birth to my 2nd son while in Nursing School.

    Took my NCLEX 10/18/10.........

    and I passed..... Yay... This was my second time around. The days leading up to the test was really hard for me. All I could think about was failing again. I could not eat or sleep for days... I had 265 questions with 25 SATA and 15 Meds no peds or ob. I did the PVT and I received a totally different pop up from when I took it 45 days ago. Anything and Everything is possible when you believe in yourself. Sometimes we can be the worst supporter with the negative thoughts. Every one told me to relax the day before the test. I did that the first time and it did not work for me. lol I woke up at 4 am and reviewed and am so glad I did... be blessed everyone ... Thanks to everyone for their constant support and push to never give up....:yeah::yeah::yeah::yeah:

    Testing soon and need your feedback

    Next Wednesday

    Testing soon and need your feedback

    Thank you guys.. I pray that when I do the PVT it will give me the good pop up this time....

    Testing soon and need your feedback

    This will be my second time taking the Nclex. The first time I used Kaplan. This time I used what was left of my Kaplan, Nclex 3500, Saunders and Mosby. WHile taking Kaplan I was in the 50 range the first time. Now I am getting 52-68. While using Nclex 3500 I am scoring in the 60+. What is a good range for NCLEX 3500. Any inout will be greatly appreciated. Thanks


    I am in the same boat as you are. I took my exam on Sept 1 and it stopped at 108. Even though I did not know what to expect from the test I did not think I would have failed but I did. The same day I registered and had a new ATT. I am scheduled to take it October 18th. I have less than 4 weeks to review all my material. I took Kaplan and purchased the Lacharity. I really dont know where I went wrong but it is obvious I did so how some way.

    Any NYC test takers for September

    Wishing you the best of luck. We can do it

    Testing on Steptember 1st

    Good Luck on your test tomorrow. You will pass!!! Keep us posted

    Testing on Steptember 1st

    Thanks for the advise. I will start to look at things a bit differently now.

    Testing on Steptember 1st

    I feel as if I have an extended family here at ALL Nurses. I am so nervous about taking the exam. I have taken Kaplan and answered questions from La Charity and Exam Cram. I used the ATI review book for content. I also brought an application for my Iphone to answer questions while traveling to and from work. I dont want to overwelhm myself but I just cant help it. I dont know what else to do. I am starting to have nightmares while I sleep. I wake up in the middle of the night to answer questions on my phone just to go back to sleep. Its driving me crazy. 'm starting to have distrubed thought patterns. I need help. Am I alone

    Apple Nclex Application

    I recently brought NCLEX quiz card for 1.99 it is pretty good. It has over 3,000 question with the new format. I played with it like it was a new game. I was up until 1am answering questions. It was fun so to speak. It comes with rationales too. I can not wait to put this behind me. I have not heard from the broads to schedule my appointment. I has been a little over 4 weeks. I would like to take the NCLEX mid August. The anxiety and stress is way too much for me. I thought I past this once I graduated but I guess that was just one part of it...

    Procedures and their positions

    I guess my question is what positions are used for what situations

    Procedures and their positions

    Good Afternoon All, I am scheduled to take my Nclex in August. I am having a hard time with the position ex Supine,semi fowlers and dorsal recumbent.If a pt has a lobectomy how should they be positioned. Can anyone please help me with this. Thanks