PVT pop up

Nursing Students NCLEX


I got the good pop up.All praises to GOD for without him none of this would've been possible...Thank you Diana for staying on the phone with me!!!!

[color=#00ffff]congratulations :cheers:

Hey WeirdNurse, thank you......

Thank you Mommyof2Tees....It is a relief to have this part behind me!!!:lol2: Now I can thoroughly clean my house.


Congrats. What review did you use?

Thanks newbtonursing...

Thank you Monae2003...I used the Hurst Review, did questions from ExamCram, NCSBN(mainly), some Saunder's, but honestly b/c my test was all over the place I believe that just knowing content helped me the most. Also I had some wonderful Q&A sessions on skype with various partners. Thanks to everybody:yeah:

Congrats, congrats, congrats!! :)

Just a question about the PVT because I'm testing tomorrow....

Do I just go to Person Vue & click "schedule a test", log in and then something will pop up?!

how many questions did you have and how long did you take?

Thanks Jennyrn2012....You will actually go thru the process of registering and then just before payment a pop up will appear or you will go directly to the credit card page...Pop up = passed Credit card page=not passed

Snowy12...I had 75 questions took me two hours..Granted I read every question and answer 3 times..Paranoia had set in:lol2: and I had to be sure of what the questions were asking...

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