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  1. Snowy12

    NCLEX tomorrow.... 6/11....

    Texas. Relax it will!!! I waited 4 days!
  2. Snowy12

    NCLEX tomorrow.... 6/11....

    My license popped up on my BON website!!! agggghhh!!! sooooo flipping excited!
  3. Snowy12

    NCLEX-RN on Tuesday!

    i had 3 drug calculations. if you get one wrong it will give you more lol!!! i got the first one wrong because i didnt round to a whole number and it gave me two more to redeem myself
  4. Snowy12


    if you are getting lots of select all that apply you should feel good! its a higher level question. or it could be a pilot question. i kept a tally on my whiteboard and had 12 sata
  5. Snowy12

    How answer sata questions?

    dont be afraid to only pick one or two select all that apply. just because its select all that apply doesnt mean you have to pick 3 or 4 choices everytime. also say, is this common sense. does it make sense to you?
  6. Snowy12


    the SATA for me were mainly a disease process and select all the symptoms associated with it. or a drug and pick all the nurse teachings that go with that drug.
  7. Snowy12

    Healthy Breakfast before nclex

    bahahhahahaa!!! I had two slices of leftover pizza. go with a carb that wont make your stomach upset. dont do something that will make you gassy because your tummy will hurt and you wont be able to pass gas in a silent testing center with minimal embarrasment!!!!
  8. I wore my necklace, and two rings and I was fine. no watch though
  9. Snowy12

    NCLEX tomorrow.... 6/11....

    You are going to do great! If you are on here, and you are worried about passing, it means you really want it. and in the end you have to really want it :) Know Infection control stuff btw. was thrown off by the sheer amount of contact, droplet, airborne questions there were.
  10. Snowy12

    NCLEX tomorrow.... 6/11....

    I didn't do Kaplan, I did the HURST review. you guys realize that 85 % of what you study in your books, you won't see on nclex realistically. You have to think like a nurse, you have to see long term and have foresight. Which was good for me, because I wasn't book smart. I didn't get A's or B's. I was a C student all the way through nursing school.
  11. Snowy12

    Not satisfied with Kaplan

    DO HURST!! dont do kaplan.
  12. Snowy12

    NCLEX tomorrow.... 6/11....

    hi! something i was told when applying to nursing school (and i've remembered the words well) was the advice to apply to a minimum of three schools of nursing. yes - you will have a favorite, but don't allow that to cost you in the long run. most schools just across your state line offer "border state" or "border county" tuition even if they don't publicly promote such an offer. while it is competitive to get in to a school of nursing, there's a lot to be said for the caliber of their students, too.
  13. Snowy12

    So glad to be done with it!

    I kept a running tally on the whiteboard they provide. They don't give you a printout.
  14. Snowy12

    NCLEX tomorrow.... 6/11....

    YAY!!!! congrats to us!!!
  15. Snowy12

    NCLEX tomorrow.... 6/11....

    I felt that way too. I had my heart in my mouth went the screen went blank. will be waiting for fast results
  16. Snowy12

    NCLEX tomorrow.... 6/11....

    https://www9.pearsonvue.com Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Please contact your Member Board for further assistance. Another registration cannot be made at this time. 75 questions!!!