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Pulling Teeth


Do yall pull teeth in your office? I have been saying no all year because I don't feel comfortable (someone elses child) and I am unsure if that would be a liability to me. I know it sounds silly,:uhoh3: but I keep thinking what if the tooth isn't quite ready and rips the gum, what if its fragile and breaks off... All these things going through my head and I don't have a doctors order to back me up... This is my first year in a school and everything I have done previously I have needed an order for so I am a little confused lol...

I know there are probably some very experienced nurses that are laughing right now!!:lol2: But I wanted to ask!!



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i absolutely do not pull teeth. children can do a great job of that all on their own. i always tell them to keep wiggeling it and when it comes out to come back and i will given them a treasure box and a sticker. :jester:


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Same here, I do not pull. I have had a few that were literally hanging on by a thread that I had the student pull themselves, but I do not do anything that could be considered invasive. I had a teacher pull a student's tooth once and it bled for a ridiculous amount of time...I was not pleased.


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Nope, no teeth pulling here either. I'm thinkin' just might be a good idea to separate a child from their body parts, lol! The kids do just fine on their own, and they are so happy to get that treasure chest and a sticker.....

Thanks so much!! I feel better that I am not the only one! The teachers look at me like i am crazy because "the last nurse did it". So I just wanted to see if it was just me lol

On another note its hilarious that the teachers would tlak about the "last nurse" because they all hated her and tell me all the time all the terrible stories about her.. but when there is osmething they want that I won't do... she was a hero :bow:

Thanks again for yalls quick response!!


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BTW, good rule of thumb is if you think you should not do something, you probably shouldn't. :)


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I was told that pulling teeth is a dental procedure and it is not with in a nurse's scope of practice. I do not pull teeth. I encourage the student to try and they usually can do it themselves.

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i will never pull a tooth either. i will encourage them to go in the bathroom and pull it themselves....or else leave it alone. they get very brave and most of them are delighted when it comes out. i will give them a tooth keep treasure chest also. they love it !

praiser :redbeathe

I don't pull teeth.

I seem to have a very vague recollection of me going to the school office and leaving later with tooth in hand instead of in mouth. Want to say that the school secretary helped me with the extraction. She seemed to have the answers to many of life's problems at that time.

lol thanks guys!!!

I have told teachers before that i was unable to becasue it was beyond my scope of practice and they looked at me like I was speaking another language lol

Yay!!! It's is Friday afternoon! I thought it would never get here!! :redpinkhe


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I have kids telling me that their parents told them to go to my office to pull their wiggling tooth! last time I've checked I had a nurse sign at my door and not dentist. :smackingf I would tell them that I don't pull teeth and it would be best if they'll visit their dentist or wiggle it on their own.


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I do not pull teeth. If the tooth is loose enough, I will allow the student to do some wiggling but I won't pull it. I don't even pull my own children's teeth. That's Daddy's job :0)


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I used to give them a 2 X 2 so that they could get a good grip, but the pulling was all up to them. I would probably give it a quick look and just assure them that "Yes, that sure is a loose tooth."

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I do not pull teeth. Period. I don't even pull my own children's teeth. I hate teeth. In my school district nurses are not allowed to pull teeth anyway(or splinters or earrings). It falls into the category of "procedure" and we are only allowed to perform "procedures" under strictly limited circumstances. :coollook: Works for me!