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Hello, Im very interested in getting into the nursing field and I was looking at going to an LVN school for $20,000 where there are NO prerequisites. Its a straight one year course which lets me get my LVN license quickly. Although Im looking forward to taking this route can you guys give me the pros and cons of an LVN school instead of going to college and getting pre-requisite classes. I heard somewhere that i will be unable to get an RN degree if I take this route. Can someone please elaborate. THANKS!!!

Here in HOuston, my tuition is MUCH less than that. I completed the LVN program which I chose to do so I could get out of my $8 an hour job in a year and am now comlpeting the LVN to RN bridge program (another year of school) while working as an LVN. I still havent paid $20,000 and I only have a semester left..

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Hi, I'm also planning to go to LPN school. I live in VA and have found several different programs, the most expensive being a 15 mo program for $13,500 and the very cheapest (which I'm doing!) for only 12 mo and $1,600. This program is a state funded program at vocational technical center. My advice is to check out all the vocational centers you have locally. I think you can find a list by getting on your states board of education website, they should have links. Then you can go get info about the costs.

I've done some research, and after you get the LPN, I think you are eligible to take distance learning online classes for the RN and BSN. This is my plan!!


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I am in Virginia too. My PN school tuition is 13,500 and its a 15 month program too. I really never gave much thought to the cost because the classes are small and that is a big plus for me. But 20,000 does seem like a bit too much.


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The sad part about the prices is, I live in a pretty big city where there was about 3 lvn programs I could go through without having to drive more than a half hour. 2 of the 3 had waiting lists of up to 3 years and the 2 that had the waiting lists were half the price as the one that had room available. There are a few more schools if I had chose to drive an hour to an hour an a half, but some people aren't as lucky to have that many choices.

I wouldn't be surprised if there are schools out there that take advantage of situations like that and don't care if they rip the students off or not. They always have a reason why theirs is so much more anyways.


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My BSN is going to end up costing me about $12,000. But, of course, it's costing me four years of my life and I'm really struggling to keep up the enthusiasm for multiple choice tests. :) I suggest you do a statewide search. It might be worth finding a small apartment for a year somewhere if you could save $15,000! I'm not sure, do the math, but it's worth checking into. I've always though that LPN's could transition to RN with relative ease (One-Two years of school).


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I recently Graduated an LVN Program in CA. through an Adult Education School called an "apprentice program" in which you are required to be employed as a C.N.A. for min. 32 hours a week while attending. Classroom hours and clinical time totalled 20 hours per week and the program is 18 months in length. I believe the cost came to around $750.00 books, uniforms included. Fortunately I was already employed by a company with enough intuitiveness to promote from within its own ranks and therefore they covered 100% of the costs and worked with me on my work schedule so my investment was merely a matter of time and effort. Kind of nice to know theres a Major Healthcare Provider with the commitment to answering the nursing shortage in some form and is'nt afraid to spend a couple of dollars doing it. Hats of to Catholic Healthcare West.


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The school I'm going to is only $10,000 and and is 11 months. There is a 2+ year waiting list to get into the RN program, so I figured I'd take the LPN/LVN route and then transition into the RN program for the last 2 semesters.
what school is this called that your attending?


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what school is this called that your attending?
the name of the school is san bernardino adult education in SBDO CA.


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As an LPN, my first instinct was to work awhile after going to school and then go back to RN school. Well, needless to say debt accumulated and have not returned back since graduation. I would encourage you to continue to reach your goal of RN.


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can you give me info on that RN school. I don't wanna go to college for 4 years to obtain a license, therefore i've been shopping around for nursing schools that allows me to get a license within 1-2 years w/o any college education.

the local community college that I want to go to is a two year.well if you break it down it's two and a half.


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Concorde Career College is charging $20k

yeah the the passing rate is low.go to maric college.

the name of the school is san bernardino adult education in SBDO CA.

How did you do on the NCLEX-PN? lm going to keep in touch with you, if you don't mind. Currently, I'm going to start the LVN program there, however, l need to find a job. I'm so dying and desprate to meet 32/hr weekly work. It's so impossible to find a job at SB or Riverside. I looked to employ almost at all facilities avbl. Anyways, can you give some advice or any suggestions for SBAS? Thank you! Much Appreciated!

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