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your best bet is to find out from the programs that you hope to obtain your RN degree from, what credits from your lpn program will transfer. I can't imagine you will be allowed to go straight in to an RN program (even as an LPN) without the required prereqs. Please check the requirements from several sources....and 20 grand is absolutely ridiculous for an lpn degree and is high for an ADN-RN as well. Don't let them rip you off!

I just realized that this thread is two years old but ... here goes anyway:

In Cali, you still have to take the pre-reqs to qualify for an RN program ... there's no way of getting around it. And, you also have to take an LVN-RN transition course. Some of the LVN programs can be a ripoff in other ways besides finances, IMHO.

The one advantage of being an LVN is that you can skip the first year of an RN ADN program. HOWEVER, only if you can pass the LVN challenge exams ... which essentially are the final exams for first and second semester. If you can't pass those exams, you don't save any time in nursing school as an LVN.

The problem is: some (although certainly not all) of these LVN programs don't prepare students as well as they should. Consequently, the LVN failure rates ... both for the challenge exams and my RN program itself were very high ... as much as 50 percent.

There were only 7 LVN's who were able to pass at least one challenge exam and come into my class ... but 5 of them had to repeat second semester because they couldn't pass the second semester challenge exam.

Two flunked out all together, and only two LVN's were able to pass both challenge exams and go straight to third semester without delay. One LVN was able to finally pass the second semester exam on the second try and go straight to 3rd semester, but it still cost her an extra semester in waiting time since she didn't pass the challenge exam the first time.

So, the LVN route isn't always quicker or beneficial for a lot of students. In fact, it can take even more time, even with RN program waiting lists.



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I think the reason people have said you can't get into an RN program that way is that you won't have taken any of the pre-requisite classes. Even with an LPN/LVN license, it will take some pre-requisite classes to get into an RN program later. Basic English, probably psychology, and the sciences- A&P with a lab and chemistry at least. But you still can get into one, as long as you get those done. Either way, I wish you luck on your journey!

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