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  1. michelleicu

    Does. Anyone like their CNA job??

    I work in the alzheimers unit best residents I'm a part of their lives and wouldn't have it any other way they make me laugh and sometimes even cry that's life right were all humans.
  2. Does concorde college offer night classes for lvn and pm clinicals?
  3. True thank you
  4. This is going to be a challenge self teaching cause the nclex pn is more than just bedside care ?? It's maternal, psychological, pharmacology, surgical phew.. I bought out amazon's nursing book section.
  5. Are there any LVN s who did method#3 and took the nclexpn and passed tell me what you studied to pass thanks.
  6. Yea I would guess that studying for the nclex pn would be harder cause you don't have a teacher their telling you what to study for, I'm studying too ughh.
  7. michelleicu

    BSN. CNA? LVN? or RN. HELP

    Yes lvn is better than cna you need to pass your boards and be a RN not a cna or lvn !
  8. michelleicu

    BSN. CNA? LVN? or RN. HELP

    Wow that is not good working so hard to achieve to be an RN then feel like you can't pass up and be a lvn hell no take that test again study hard!
  9. michelleicu

    summer 2015 sharp San Diego new grad program

    It takes awhile to get hired at those hospitals my friend waited a year till she got hired at Scripps chula vista she said her job interview was something else your placed in front of a panel of 10 people who ask you all sorts of questions
  10. michelleicu

    Appropriate to go to a patients funeral?

    Oh I've seen a lot of that in long term care people show up that you've never seen before
  11. No I'm a cna
  12. michelleicu

    Minimum Wage + LVN Wage

    Omg now I'll have to pay $9.00 for a whopper lol crazy
  13. michelleicu

    Appropriate to go to a patients funeral?

    Yeah you should ask family first
  14. michelleicu

    CNA/LVN Method 3 License Transfer

    Stay in california why move anywhere else
  15. Go to bvnpt.ca method #3 download the application
  16. Cause you just pass medicine as a lvn it doesn't take a genius to do that a rn on the other hand is more extensive, a lvn is like a middle man between cna and rn, that's what california thinks too so they offer the challenge cna's learn all that paid experience on the job for 51 months so why not take the pharmacology class and do it and then the n c l e x good luck it's just a lot of people are hating cause they took the long expensive route and then heard about this in california