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  1. pweezy2460

    **Took my NCLEX-PN this morning....

    So I finally took my NCLEX-PN this morning at 8am and....that exam was a lot more challenging than initially expected! I solely utilized U-World and knocked out about 1000 questions in the qbank as well as completed 2 assessments. I gave myself about 2 weeks to devote to knocking out some serious studying (though I successfully completed my program in January and have been actively using UWorld since then and was just now able to take my NCLEX, but that’s another topic for another thread LOL) but before knocking out the qbank I took my 1st assessment to gauge where my competency was. I received a “Borderline” score with 49%. This motivated me to go all-in and complete as many questions as I possibly could (while working full time) and doing so with reading each rationale. With 2 days left before my test, I did my 2nd assessment and received a “Very High” chance of passing, and this boosted my confidence. And now for test day....I was a NERVOUS WRECK, but tried my absolute best to remain calm, control my breathing and tremors, and go in with the mindset of giving this exam all that I have. What I found was that though I do feel that UWorld is an amazing resource to utilize and it does share a number of similarities, the NCLEX is a beast of its own LOL. I approached question 60, answered it, took a deep breathe and selected next (with hopes that I had answered well enough for the test to be completed) and to my surprise it went to the next question. I continued to answer, until reaching question 126...after answering this one, my exam shut off. At that point I was EXHAUSTED, a nervous wreck (I’ve had horrible test anxiety my entire life, but thankfully did well through nursing school) and just wanted to get out of there. I made it home and a few hours later decided to do the PVT trick and received the “Good pop up” message. I’m at a point to where I’m just hoping this is actually true and that I passed but only time will tell now.
  2. Well.....the time has come. This has been a long, strenuous process and now I have FINALLY set my NCLEX-PN date for July 30th, 8am bright and early! Up until yesterday, it has taken me over 2 months to receive an ATT from the CA BON and to say that my anxiety has been through the roof is a complete understatement. Endless phone calls only to receive general answers, my evaluator FINALLY contacting me after a month and a half of hearing absolutely nothing from her (I sent emails, called, etc) only to find out that this whole time she had the wrong number because apparently one of the representatives I spoke with for the first time to inquire about the status of my application wrote down my call back number incorrectly and she called that incorrect number trying to get in contact with me until finally realizing it was a wrong number ...... and now I've officially set my date and I'm beyond nervous/anxious. I've been solely using U-World and took my first assessment yesterday and received "borderline" (granted I had a couple distractions with my partner being in the same room and background noise) which kind of has me on edge! Anyone have any tips as to what I should do to better prepare myself? I know this question has been asked plenty of times but I just really want to be the most prepared I can possibly be. And for everyone that has submitted there apps to the board, BE PATIENT. I know it's extremely difficult, but from what I've gathered through conversation is that they are completely swamped and there have been a lot of things happening on a daily basis unfortunately due to COVID-19 which has placed them even further behind. But all-in-all, wish me luck everyone!!
  3. pweezy2460

    DELAYS processing CA BON application

    I'm currently going through something similar. Submitted my application: April 30th, Submitted deficient document (ONLY thing missing was my Record of Nursing program document so school sent that) and received by the board: May 12th; And today 07/02/20 still no ATT. My evaluator FINALLY contacted me after not hearing a thing from her, and only getting general answers from representatives that answer the phone, and she stated that there were 4 apps ahead of me and assured me that I should be evaluated by the end of this week. She went on to say that they have been EXTREMELY backed up and with multiple factors coming into play (COVID, employee shifts, all evaluators now working from home, grad season) this has unfortunately caused a major delay. So trust me, I get the frustration and anxiety but hopefully they will get it together soon!
  4. pweezy2460

    NCLEX in 4 days!

    Aww CONGRATS! I knew you did!
  5. pweezy2460

    NCLEX in 4 days!

    YAAAYY CONGRATS!! I'm sure you did great but I can understand the nerves. How many questions did you get? Did you happen to incorporate anything else outside of NCLEX Mastery to study? I've solely been using U World and just so unsure if this is enough
  6. pweezy2460

    NCLEX-PN COVID drama

    JUST called and spoke to another representative, she checked and my evaluator's status shows she's now on documents that were received May 11th so she should be evaluating my documents "any day now". So let's just see, fingers crossed!
  7. pweezy2460

    NCLEX-PN COVID drama

    I don't understand it as well, and was one of my main questions that none of the representatives have been able to answer. Even my school has been hounding me asking if they've cleared me yet. But hopefully this week is my week! You're welcome! Let us know how it goes!!
  8. pweezy2460

    NCLEX-PN COVID drama

    STILL nothing, guys! My anxiety is rising by the day and motivation is dropping off by the day as well smh this sucks. Hoping to hear soon
  9. pweezy2460

    NCLEX Study Partner

    never looked into this app but will definitely check this out!
  10. pweezy2460

    NCLEX-PN COVID drama

    I definitely understand your struggle, and it is exactly similar to mine. This wait is killing me, and It's gotten to the point to where I find it extremely difficult to keep up with my studying routine, and the motivation to study at all at this point. I'm going to try and give them a call today and see if I have ANY luck with getting a conclusive answer. I hope you find out something soon as well!
  11. pweezy2460

    NCLEX-PN COVID drama

    Hello all! I've recently submitted my application to the CA board for NCLEX PN on 04/30, in the midst of the COVID pandemic currently taking place. My application had 1 deficiency, and that was the "Record of Nursing Program" documentation, so my school submitted that information and the board acknowledged the receiving of this on 05/12. Now over 1 month later, I have yet to receive an ATT from PearsonVue (I registered with them early May, shortly after submitting my application) and every day that goes by, my anxiety shoots through the roof. Tried emailing my evaluator with ABSOLUTELY NO RESPONSE, have called countless times and they assure me that I will be contacted by a supervisor...and again.....no response as of now. At this point I really just want to get the exam over with, being that I've completed my nursing program in February, but due to owing the school my remaining balance of tuition (private school for LVN...that's a whole different subject LOL) they delayed sending my documents until everything was paid in full, so I've basically been waiting to finally be able to schedule for the NCLEX since February, and for me to not receive any word back yet on eligibility has really gotten to me. I guess all I can really do now is wait it out until the evaluation is complete, but if anyone else is going through something similar or have any suggestions please share! thanks
  12. Hello everyone! So I'm just starting my last semester of my LVN program here in Southern CA (finishing up early Dec. '19!), and I've been battling with the idea of whether or not to jump into a bridge program the following semester after the end of my LVN program (roughly around 3+ months after), or taking about a year or so off from school to just work and kind of enjoy life whilst growing my skills as a new nurse, ofcourse. I also have another dilemma regarding this.....prior to my LVN program, I completed ALL pre req courses (all sciences, statistics, all GE courses, etc.) but obtained a subpar GPA (roughly 2.7-ish) with all my courses (long story short, I didn't take my pre-req journey as seriously as I should've), BUT during my LVN program I've managed to maintain a 3.5 GPA cumulative throughout the program. Now I do know that bridge programs primarily look at the pre req GPA, as well as other factors, but do they also take into account LVN coursework and GPA? If anyone can give me some insight, specifically for schools in the Southern Cali area, that would be great...thanks!
  13. pweezy2460

    2019-2020 LPN student roll call!

    Well not sure if I qualify to reply to this thread (started my LVN program Sep. '18) and currently just started my final semester! My advice.....STUDY STUDY STUDY, and just stay ahead of assignments and assigned readings as much as you possibly can. I work full time (40hrs per week) while in the program, and though its hard....its' very doable. It's all about time management. Oh, and start doing practice Nclex questions from 1st semester onward! Goodluck everyone!!
  14. Hey guys!! I've been a member on here for quite some time now but just have mainly lurked, read articles, etc. Anyways, I'm currently a 3rd semester LVN student here in SoCal and I JUST finished my cumulative final for the module (A'ced it, woohoo! lol) and passed my Med-Surg Hesi for the module as well (passed on 2nd try....a RELIEF). I attend a private school/program and how it works is at the end of each semester ("module") we take our last chapter exam, cumulative Final Exam, AND the Hesi and we must pass them all (in addition to passing our chapter exams throughout the semester) and complete the module successfully with atleast a 75% average. I got my test results and overall class results yesterday and was told that I've successfully completed this semester and now its' on to my final semester of LVN school that starts....tomorrow !! The pressure is on, now more-so than any time, to make sure I stay on top of my studies, assignments, clinical assignments and these exam grades. I would just like to give anyone that is currently in an LVN program or perhaps thinking about embarking on this journey some words of motivation. YOU CAN DO THIS!! Yes, it's very difficult and time consuming, BUT if you want it bad enough you will definitely be fine. I work full-time (40hrs+ per week, and have done so since day 1 of the program) whilst going to school full time, and let me be the one to tell you that there will be times when you feel like just giving up and questioning "Why in the world am I putting myself through SO much torture..!?" but as cliche as it may sound, you have to keep in mind the bigger picture!! Try your best to not lose sight of this and to try not to let life's obstacles get in the way (because surprisingly....life doesn't stop while being in the program; even though your instructors may seem insensitive to whatever it is you may be going through). I have had almost EVERYTHING that could possibly go wrong during this program, go wrong (short stent of unemployment/job change, death of a VERY close family member, commute issues, schedule issues @ work that prompted me to be late to lecture multiple times) but with faith and perseverance I made it through and if I can do it, you can do it as well! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.....if you're an adult that has to work while in school due to having pertinent responsibilities to handle and you can't quit, you can do it!! Don't let schools and people steer you away from accomplishing a goal/dream that you have set forth for yourself with their negative talk.....in addition to me, there are plenty of others who work (sometimes multiple jobs) and have other responsibilities (kids, spouse, taking care of elder family members, etc.) while in school and they all find a way to somehow make it work for them. So, I just wanted to share a few words of encouragement for anyone that just needed to read this for a little extra motivation. Stay focused, stay lowkey, and keep grinding and before you know it you'll be that LVN that you had once dreamed of!
  15. pweezy2460

    Mount Saint Mary's Fall 2018

    I haven't thought about going in person, but I could definitely try and go today after work. Hopefully I can get an answer, because I haven't received anything either. If I'm able to I'll let you all know
  16. pweezy2460

    Mount Saint Mary's Fall 2018

    Yes fingers crossed! No problem

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